Ocalan Party expels Christians from Qamishli

Posted on September 15, 2014


Ocalan Party expels Christians from Qamishli in preparation for announcing the capital of a Kurdish state in Syria

Ocalan Party expels Christians from Qamishli in preparation for announcing the capital of a Kurdish state in Syria
Assad jets kill 17 in Deir al-Zour Daashaa
Beirut, Cairo time
In a rare visit to a Syrian official to visit Egypt Engineer Yazigi humans and Syrian Minister of Tourism, Cairo, Damascus, coming from the head of a delegation on the first visit by a Syrian minister to Egypt since the deterioration of relations and reduce the degree of representation between Egypt and Syria early in 2012.
Sources familiar with were greeted Yazigi hall VIP at Cairo airport, that the Syrian minister will participate during his visit at a conference on tourism security to be held in Egypt in order to develop the tourism sector and the development of intra-regional tourism between the Arab states and the face of crises experienced by most Arab states, after what is known as Arab Spring and how to support the tourism sector’s ability to withstand and risk prevention and reduction, crisis management and assistance for tourism and effective communication in the field of tourism and security.On another front office confirmed the protection of the Assyrian Syriac Alsotoro based Qamishli, an armed faction Assyrian Syriac to protect the Christians of the region, that the patrol’s Asayish, Kurdish forces of Syria armed track the Kurdish Democratic Union, the Syrian wing of the PKK, which is headed by Abdullah Ocalan, imprisoned in Turkey , trying to seize the headquarters of the Office for Protection under construction in Qamishli.  Later, armed clashes occurred between the two parties, and renewed clashes over the past few days, the Bureau noted that he had received threats that did not stop the business of processing and the building gets an official license from the Kurdish party. With the killing of at least 17 insurgents in the organization of the Islamic state and one child, in the Syrian air raid on a training camp of the militant organization in the province of Deir al-Zour on what announced the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Sunday.
The Observatory said the air strike targeted directly dormitories Qaeda fighters in the camp of the Islamic state adoptions, near the border between the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa north controlled by the entire organization. He also said the child was killed while he was to visit a relative of its fighters.  The Observatory spoke Saturday killed eight Islamist fighters in the raid.

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