Posted on September 15, 2014


“Each day there are new cases. Bodies are found every morning on the street, left by people who dont’t want to be identified”, said to MISNA Don Nicola Ciarapica, a Salesian missionary in Monrovia, in regard to the Ebola outbreak and its consequences.

“Many health centers were closed, because due to the absence of protective guear against infection the medical staff wo’t go to work”, said to MISNA Sister Anna Rita Brustia, superior of the Consolata missionary nuns in Monrovia, also stressing the difficulties of the health system.

At least 80 doctors and nurses have died from Ebola infection in Liberia. An emergency in the emergency, which has also caused the Catholic community to mobilize. “The Church is working on reopening the medical centers that were closed and render other seven more accessible: in adjourning and training staff to work with msf (Doctors Without Borders) and other organizations, in paying Catholic school teachers salaries and providing food to people in isolation”, added Don Nicola.

Efforts underway also at West Point slum in Monrovia, where a quarantine order imposed in August has been lifted. “The isolation ended after 15 days, it was impossible to distribute food and medicine to all and the crowds gathered to receive assistance was cause of infection”, added Don Nicola.

The Ebola death toll has risen to at least 1,224 in Liberia, but many cases may not have been reported. “Many die in their homes, often in remote villages, where there are no medical centers”, added the MISNA sources.

Some new factors however bring hope. Among these is the new awareness of the severity of the risk and focus on medical practices able to reduce the infection risk. “An increasing number of people beleive that ebola is an actual disease and is fatal in most cases, causing more to take necessary prevention measures”, said Sister Anna Rita. [VG/BO]


September 15, 2014

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