70% of the imams did not abide by the Friday sermon

Posted on September 15, 2014


Ignored the mainstream “endowments” in the face of extremism and would highlight the role of Prince humanitarian

“Brothers” and accused of corruption rally on reforms immortal publicizing Association Koran under the umbrella of “affairs”

Assembly authorizes the system based upon the distribution of bonuses and subsidies to attract a new generation to them

Sabeeh Ochehrt Association Director suspicious past week, despite the provision of an earlier request for the establishment of a similar association a year ago

 “Politics” – special:
In a new episode of the series excesses of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Ngridha outside swarm strategies “moderation”, sources revealed the ministry’s “politics” that “about 70 percent of the imams and preachers did not abide by the Friday sermon circulated by the Acting Undersecretary Fred Emadi regarding highlight The role of His Highness the Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad humanitarian and spreading the values ​​of moderation to confront extremism “, at the time began” Brotherhood “and involved issues of corruption in the implementation of the plan bypass to transfer their activities from the Ministry of Awqaf to charities and charitable associations of public utility fall under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in order to avoid the reign of accountabilities and prosecutions judicial pay, which began with Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid and the Ministry of Awqaf proxy.
For line Friday sermon, amazed sources “lack of commitment preachers guidance ministry and the Charter of the mosque and ignore mainstream agent Emadi which he called for imams and preachers in mosques to abide engaged to Friday Typical titled” Beware of extremism “and praised the humanitarian role of the Prince and enjoys the title of” Commander of work humanitarian. “
It showed that “Friday sermons recorded and can the ministry return to it and to hold preachers who are not committed,” emphasizing the need to “activate the laws and regulations and the Charter of the mosque, which govern the operation of mosques and prevent the exploitation of their platforms to spread extremism, rather than the values ​​of moderation.”
In parallel, sources said that the “plan Brotherhood bypass began to be implemented on the ground last week following the issuance Affairs Minister of India Sabeeh decision Declaring” the Kuwaiti Society for the care of the Qur’an and its Sciences “at the request of 50 personal standing behind former deputy and director of the Public Authority to take care of printing and publication of the Holy Quran who succeeded in publicizing Assembly in anticipation of the issuance of judicial rulings in the cases of corruption against him. “
It showed that “a group of former deputies had earlier planned to set up a religious entity New equivalent of the Ministry of Awqaf, headed by leading the rank of Deputy followed the minister directly on the movement of some departments and projects” endowments “him”, noting that they “succeeded a few years ago at the launch of” the Qur’an and Sunnah ” and received the approval of the government and has already released the body system in the era of the former minister Mohammed Alnoms. “
. She said the “Committee for the Koran under the Ministry of Awqaf was headed by Dr. Khalid mentioned and membership d. Ajil Nashmi and others were surprised by the decision to establish the Commission and to appoint one of the sons Rashaida and the brother of former MP in the board of directors in addition to the appointment of the administrative board and chief accused of corruption as its head, “pointing out that” some people took advantage of his influence and managed to pass a resolution to allocate land for the establishment of the headquarters of the Commission in Musharraf and budget rewarding to exchange them. “
The sources added: “With the start of the body of work and request annexation of departments and projects a competent Koran to it, such as the management of the Koran and manage OS enlightening and other conflicts of” advances “and” Brotherhood “leadership positions and began differences administrative between the Director of the accused and the Vice-President Walid Alstlan that reached the courts,” pointing out that the new plan “required to exploit the era Subaih to Announce New Koran despite the fact that there is a demand already another request from the Director of the Year dubious publicity Science Society Koran, but he did not receive the approval of the minister Sabeeh.”
And was amazed sources “include the statute of the Association phrases loose and delegated the distribution of money and bonuses for teenagers and young people and citizens according to the whims of those who made it,” indicating that the statute stipulates that the Assembly “aims to teach the Book of Allah all segments of the community and serve the Holy Quran and the dissemination of sciences and to contribute to the upbringing of a generation possess behavior and manners Quranic next to special centers set up for the workshops teach the Koran and provide aid and moral and material rewards for the students of the rings as well as organizing competitions and prepare specialized meetings and training sessions. “
In the meantime, got a “policy” on documents and new images prove the involvement of leaders and staff in one of the departments of mosques in collecting cash donations in violation of the laws and regulations of the ministries of religious affairs, while the planned number of employees from the administration to make a complaint to the Minister of Awqaf acting against the excesses of senior leader of the administration.
He said staff preferred anonymity, said in remarks to the “politics” that the complaint will include documents and documents and photographs “showing leadership raised the slogan” A fourth Brotherhood “and prove misprision irregularities and abuses and delayed maintenance company in completing their work,” arguing that “the appeal immortal will include various complaints made against key figures in the administration of imams and preachers, staff and worshipers and citizens. “
The documents show pictures of the key figures in the administration hoist the banner “fourth” and Tweets figures placed on the list of terrorism, the UN re-site administration broadcasting and promotion, as well as the implementation of campaigns, cash donations unlicensed and put boxes to collect donations within the corridors of the administration and banners urging the donation in its surroundings as well as the secretary of leadership Taking money from the fund.


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