Turkey visit of the Pope and an absurd attack on Francis

Posted on September 5, 2014


05 September 2014, 15:45 September 5, 2014, 15:45
Absurd accusation from Turkey: Head of state religion Office raises Francis before, not doing enough to defend the Islam

 (CBA) Pope Francis wants to undertake reportedly later this year a visit to Turkey and participate in Istanbul on Orthodox patron saint St. Andrew. Appropriate media reports were not unfounded, it said on Friday from the Roman church circles. Already a month ago there had been from the Patriarchate of Constantinople Opel evidence of participation of the Pope in the celebrations on 30 November at the Phanar, the official residence of the Patriarch. . Originally, it was named in 2015 as a possible date for the Pope’s visit to the St. Andrew’s hard.

As already his predecessor John Paul II. In 1979 and Benedict XVI.  2006 should start with a protocol-related visit to the capital Ankara also a trip to Turkey Francis. Benedict XVI.. had also made a trip to Marie grave at Ephesus above the port city of Izmir in his three-day visit to Turkey.At that time, the trip to the discussion of the Regensburg speech of the Pope with misleading quotes had to
On Islam and violence contributed to a more objective.

Currently provide statements of Mehmet Görmez headlines in Turkey. The head of the state religion Office, which reports directly to the Turkish Prime Minister, Francis accused mid-week, not enough to do in defense of Islam. There were attempts to make the existence of Islam in question to a “security and legitimacy problem” reinterpret, Görmez said.

Unter anderem verwies Görmez auf die nach seiner Darstellung steigende Zahl von Anschlägen auf Moscheen in Deutschland. Among other Görmez pointed to the increasing number of attacks after his presentation on mosques in Germany. In den Jahren 2001 bis 2012 seien jährlich im Durchschnitt 22 Moscheen in der Bundesrepublik angegriffen worden. In the years 2001 to 2012 had an annual average of 22 mosques have been attacked in the Federal Republic. Im Jahr 2013 seien es 36 gewesen, in diesem Jahr sei die Zahl auf 70 gestiegen. In 2013 there were 36, this year the number had increased to 70. Dagegen müsse sich nicht nur die islamische Welt wehren, sondern «alle religiöse Institutionen, allen voran der Vatikan». In contrast, not only the Islamic world would fight back, but “all religious institutions, especially the Vatican.” Es reiche nicht, «jungen Mädchen die Füße zu waschen oder ein interreligiöses Fußballturnier zu organisieren». It is not enough, “young girl to wash the feet or to organize an interfaith football tournament”.

Damit spielte Görmez auf die Fußwaschung des Papstes am Gründonnerstag sowie auf das «Fußballspiel für den Frieden» am vergangenen Montag in Rom an. This Görmez alluded to the washing of the feet of the Pope on Holy Thursday and on the “football match for peace” last Monday in Rome.

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