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Posted on September 5, 2014


 While the eyes of the world are directed towards what is happening in Iraq and Syria, Israel continues to lobby to be the sole holder of the nuclear power in the Middle East. An Israeli delegation will travel to Washington next week to discuss Iran‘s nuclear program as we approach the major diplomatic meeting between the Islamic Republic and major powers during which it is expected that an agreement will be reached.
“We will discuss what is at the heart of the nuclear program: the enrichment of uranium through the centrifuges. On this issue, the Iranians have shown no flexibility, “said Minister Yuval Steinitz Israeli Intelligence. Israel believes that Iran’s President Hassan Rohani has made partial concessions on secondary issues without essentially changing. Within a month we should know if there is no agreement or an agreement is bad, which would be unacceptable to us,” warned that close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Israel considers Iran targeted if endowed with the atomic bomb. The country has also repeatedly threatened to use military force to prevent the Islamic Republic have a nuclear weapon. Iran guarantees that its nuclear program is peaceful and gives guarantees. He agreed in November 2013 to negotiate an agreement that would ensure he does not try to be equipped with a nuclear bomb. In return, the international community would lift the sanctions suffocate the Iranian economy for several years.
Iran and the countries of the Group 5 +1 (the United States, Russia, China, France, UK and Germany), leading for years the international effort to obtain such guarantees must resume negotiations at the mid-September on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations. In July, they were given until November 24 to seal a final agreement. Disputes focus on the Iranian uranium enrichment capacity. Highly enriched uranium can be used to make the atomic bomb. LEU, it acts as fuel for power plants to produce electricity. Nuclear disarmament of Iran will make Israel the only one to have in the region despite the fact that it has never recognized officially possess.
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