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Posted on September 4, 2014



The success of the most feared group in the Middle East is a “brutal efficiency”.  The organization combines efficiency with conventional military tactics terrorism

Compared with ISIS, al Qaeda and other similar groups that emerged in the Middle East after the attacks of September 11, 2001 remember those computers that produced Radio Shack, with a screen that allowed to write six lines at a time and memory capacity insignificant.The ISIS (acronym for Islamic state in Syria and Iraq) is a super computer, with great potential to create a caliphate in principle covering Iraq and Syria.  And then the sky is the limit.

 But previously the Sunni militia, which until now has drones, needed to learn from the mistakes made by al Qaeda and the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. . It was a baptism of blood in which al-Qaida and the army under Saddam took the brunt.

Today, al Qaeda cadres and army dismantled by the United States after invading Iraq in March 2003, have joined the ISIS.  And the cocktail created terribly deadly, and very successful.

Saddam, a member of the Sunni minority in Iraq, controlled with an iron fist to the Shiite majority that currently govern the country and simulates another minority, Kurdish. . But apparently, not only a country cruelly administered. . Shiites in power are as brutal as Saddam, but a time unable to hold the reins. . Whoever wants to manage a country in the Middle East soon discovers that not all are equal barbarity.

The Wall Street Journal said the ISIS has achieved his victories combining terrorist acts such as attacks using car bombs with conventional military tactics. . The group has also strengthened its ties with local tribes, it benefits from the skills of former generals of Saddam, and recruitment method is very effective.

 A youth captured by ISIS in their raids are offered this alternative: “join us or cut off their heads.”

Although official statistics are not known, it is possible that not one of them has refused the proposal.

 But there must be something else that makes these recruits in fierce warriors.  Do not forget that in Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, in June ISIS faced two army brigades, about 30,000 men, and put them to flight.

. The soldiers fled literally with pants in hand.  As reported by The Washington Post, 800 troops from the ISIS captured Mosul. The ratio was 40 to one in favor of the Iraqi army.  Therefore, there is something in training that makes the difference ISIS.

 Moreover, the jackpot ISIS is a caliphate in the Middle East to Sunnis from around the world. . Osama bin Laden promised the caliphate to a vague future.  Al Qaida never managed to control a territory. Instead, ISIS militants are succeeding.

 When Fidel Castro says the ISIS has been invented by the Mossad, the Israeli secret service, is not telling the truth. . But at least points to an illusion that feeds the Sunnis, they also feel like a persecuted minority against their eternal enemies, the Shia. And the Jews also yearn to have their promised land.

 Bruce Hoffman, an expert on terrorist groups and professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, told the newspaper that the ISIS “has improved done by al Qaeda, and also on a much larger scale.”

The organization, told The Wall Street Journal, is led by a group of leaders who have been known for several years.

Both his boss, Abu Bakr alBaghdadi as his inner circle, spent several years in prison at Camp Bucca, in southern Iraq under American custody.

 The American representative Mike Rogers, Michigan Republican and chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the House, said the ISIS has a structure of government impossible to find in other insurgent groups.. For example, recently, the organization appointed a Minister of Hydrocarbons to coordinate the management of the refineries and oil wells caught.

 The ISIS emerged in 2010 from a group called al-Qaida in Iraq, founded months after the American invasion by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

 When Zarqawi was killed in a bombing of North American Aviation, in 2007, al-Qaida in Iraq had about 10,000 guerrillas. . In 2007, Baghdadi joined the organization, which was later transformed into ISIS.

 At present, said Charles Lister, a visiting professor at the Brookings Doha Center, Baghdadi’s deputy is a former Iraqi army officer, known by the nickname Abu Ali al-Anbari. . Your task is to coordinate the work of ISIS in Syria, where the group recently took a major military base and slaughtered 170 soldiers.

. Another important delegate Baghdadi is Fadel Ahmed Abdullah al-Hiyali, who, as Anbari, was widespread during the government of Saddam Hussein.

 Baghdadi chairing a War Cabinet and the Shura Council, formed by religious charge of legislating.  ISIS also has a cabinet and a council of provincial governors.  Baghdadi’s leadership, characterized by Lister said “paranoia. Their purpose is to achieve absolute loyalty.”

. As you go on your conquests, ISIS allows local authorities to continue governing.  That way, avoid friction with the population.For Sunni militants, it is essential to capture and hold territory.

 And he has specialized in attacking places that have dams, oil facilities and bank branches.

That’s the big difference with al Qaeda ISIS: was controlled regions. And maybe that attracts recruits factor beyond coercion.

 The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group to the government in Damascus, said that between July and August, more than 6,000 fighters joined the ISIS.

Also the preaching of the organization has managed to expand its base. The Observatory said some 1,300 new recruits are not Syrians or Iraqis.

 American officials estimate that a dozen compatriots joined the group.  And the FBI estimates that a hundred Americans have traveled to Syria to enlist in different organizations enemy of President Bashar al-Assad. ISIS. Meanwhile, security officials in the UK estimate that about 500 Britons are fighting in Syria, most under the banner of ISIS.

Are substantial “taxes” charged by the organization to entrepreneurs and traders. But also, its administrators do not use as petty cash to feed their fantasies of traveling to Disneyland. Money is tightly controlled.

 Whoever wants to reach into the can, instead of getting a golden exile watches his upper limbs are cut off abruptly before emerging from the can. . It is the last look at the world before decapitation.

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