Al Qaeda establishes new branch in South Asia

Posted on September 4, 2014


Author: LETA – AFP.

International terrorist organization Al Qaeda on Wednesday announced the establishment of a new branch in South Asia.

 Al Qaeda leader Ayman az Zavahiri reported this to the 55-minute video, which was made ​​public Wednesday jihadist internet forums.

 Zavahiri announced that the new power deplete the artificial boundaries that divided Muslims in the region, and called on Muslims to “jihad against their enemies, to liberate their land, restore its sovereignty and revive the caliphate.”

 Al Qaeda leader pointed out that the new organization has more than two years of work, the result of a combination of mudžehadīna fighters in the region.

 Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent will be chaired by Asim Umar, who led Al Qaeda in Pakistan Sharia Committee.

 Zavahiri stressed that the new branch will be good for Muslims who suffer from injustice and Tying Myanmar, Bangladesh and parts of India, such as Kashmir, Gujarat and Assam regions.

 Al Qaeda leader also expressed confidence in the Afghan Taliban leader Mulla Omar.

 Counter-terrorism experts believe that Al Qaeda is now engaged in a race to the terrorist group Islamic State (IV) which competes in vast areas of Syria and Iraq, the British broadcaster BBC reported.

 However, when the conflict in Syria turned to the other Al Qaeda allies – Al Nusra groups – terrorist network management distanced itself from the Islamic state and its only ally acknowledged Al Nusra.

 Establishing a new branch in South Asia, Zavahiri probably hoping to recover part of the Al Qaeda force that it was Osama bin Laden’s leadership.

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