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Posted on September 3, 2014


Corina Cretu critical opposition proposal for the position of Commissioner

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According to political sources, and in Brussels there are doubts about the competence of PSD MEP regional policy issues.

First deputy PDL Dorin Florea says the proposal MEP Corina Cretu PSD to European Commissioner for PSD shows that no matter how embarrassing is in Europe, but only to give gratification of pride. . “It’s typical way of PSD to promote people criterion clientele. Whatever that embarrass you in Europe, but simply just to give gratification of pride or underground things. Has made us the laughing stock of Europe once Adrian Severin and now us and laughing, like the written press vis-a-vis the particular inclination towards adventure that lady, “said Florea. He added that, in his opinion, Corina Cretu’s nomination” fruit of cuşluieli (understanding untransparent – No) policy “.  “I have not seen any gesture or attitude – and looked detached, not bitter political – have not seen any remarkable gesture, but the result of political cuşluieli. Least another (Dacian Cioloş- no) was a good specialist, we have not heard any ugly word, is not linked to any moral filth or be suspected of corruption, “said Liberal Democrat leader.

 The second most important portfolio

. Sources in Brussels told PSD MEP Corina Cretu thought that was confirmed by the President designate of the EC, Jean-Claude Juncker, as Romania’s proposal for the position of Commissioner. Dacian Ciolos Romanian Commissioner has managed European portfolio with the largest budget, namely Agriculture, out of books for future European executive, the release says. . According to these sources, Cretu, PSD MEP and Vice-President of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament should receive regional policy portfolio. . Thus, she will manage the European cohesion policy funds.  Portfolio Portfolio Regional Policy is the second on the list of priorities of Romania, after keeping Agriculture.  Thought wrote that in Brussels there are questions Corina Cretu skills for the job, only to experience the economic activity of Machine Tools Factory Blaj between 1989 and 1992, after graduating from ASE.  Since then, Cretu was a journalist, working on publications PSD area, then spokesman of Ion Iliescu, Senator and MEP

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