Operations of the “14 days” fail alliance “evil” inside with the outside

Posted on September 3, 2014


Riyadh, Dammam: Turkish neighing, Mohammed JUDIA 2014-09-03 2:22 AM

In security operations synchronized and coordinated, witnessed a sea last two weeks, cleared and Interior Ministry 6 regions of Saudi Arabia extensions terrorist groups related Barhabiya Syria and Iraq, and stopped 88 element, 3 of them Yemenis, and a fourth unidentified, in addition to the 84 Saudis, 0.59 of them already suspended on charges of belonging to the base at home during the May 12 attacks, the famous, and the subsequent.
And disrupted the security services to be delivered capture those elements that make up 10 terrorist cells, a number of acts of sabotage and targeting which he intended to initiate some of those arrested in the implementation, including a series of assassinations.
And targeted security operations that have taken place over the past 14 days, areas: Riyadh, Makkah, Asir, Qassim, Hail, Eastern, and resulted in the seizure of a number of cells, including a leadership. While he did not assert Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour al-Turki relationship with terrorist cells Front victory and the organization “Daash”, he stressed during a press conference yesterday, that it arrested communicated with terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.
On the ground, causing an exchange of fire between unknown and security patrols province of Qatif yesterday, in an oil pipeline fire in the governorate, before that is controlled by the fire brigade.

Over the two weeks, and in security operations synchronized and coordinated, cleansed and Interior Ministry 6 regions of Saudi Arabia extensions terrorist groups related Barhabiya Syria and Iraq, and stopped 88 element, mostly Saudis, and two-thirds of those already enrolled actively Qaeda at home during the attacks of May 12 famous and which targeted three residential compounds in Riyadh.
The Saudi security services disrupted by dumping capture those elements who make up 10 terrorist cells, a number of acts of sabotage and targeting which he intended to initiate some of those arrested in the implementation, including a series of assassinations.
And targeted security operations that have taken place over the past 14 days, areas: Riyadh, Makkah, Asir, Qassim, Hail, Eastern, and resulted in the seizure of a number of cells, including its leadership.
The number of Saudis arrested in those operations 84 Saudis, Yemenis in addition to 3 and a fourth unidentified, and most of them continue on with a number of terrorist organizations abroad.
And what is believed linked to terrorist cells that have been arrested by the Front victory and the organization “Daash,” but that security spokesman at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Mansour al-Turki, did not confirm that relationship, but he stressed that those arrested have had contact with a number of organizations that carry the same thought Prodigal in both Syria and Iraq.
And the details of those operations, pointed out in the context of the Turkish press conference yesterday afternoon, Security Forces Officers Club, to which that cell Tamir was arrested last week, consisting of 9 people 0.8 arrested during the operation, while the ninth had been initiated to turn himself in, while stated that the security authorities managed to arrest the 12 Saudis and three Yemenis in security operations took place in Makkah and the Hail region, while he was overthrown by 7 Saudis and an unidentified person in Riyadh, and 5 Saudis in the Asir region, and 51 others representing 6 cells in areas of Riyadh and Mecca, Eastern and Qassim.
In spite of the large number of arrests, but the security operations that have taken place in a number of areas of the country, did not result in any injuries or damage, they did not accompanied by any armed clashes, according to the Turkish brigade confirmed yesterday. The Options 88 arrested, ranging from enrollment to some terrorist groups abroad, illegally, to the fact that more than two-thirds of untried former and sentenced to terms of the travel ban, or stay inside the country, for they are representatives of terrorists abroad, leaving them waiting for the opportunity and support to the implementation of any terrorist plots inside the country. According to the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior security schemes that some of those arrested were on the verge of implementation, and that the arrests have prevented the occurrence. And the roles that were played by terrorists 88, explained the Turkish Brigade that the concentration of some of the cells that has overthrown was focused on the implementation of assassinations, for being the easiest and the shortest evil ways, useful that waiting for the support and guidance was one of the reasons that hindered the implementation of some terrorist plots that can not define its objectives However, after the completion of the ongoing investigations with them. He ruled out the Turkish Brigade to be a potential point of Yemen and those who were arrested at home, in what was described security coordination between Riyadh and Sanaa that in the best levels, calling on God to appoint Yemenis to eliminate from the rest of the al-Qaeda terrorists who are on their land. He declined Brigade Turkish accusations that refers to the failure of counseling and care programs, in view of the fact that 59 of those arrested had already been subjected to such programs, also denied the allegations to be among those in charge of managing Tkferrion former. “If we are to judge the program we have to look for the numbers .. What is the ratio of 59 people in front of more than 1,900 people have undergone the program and returned active members of society? There is no room for comparison.” In spite of the faith that the Turkish Brigade terrorist groups abroad are keen on luring Saudis, however, stressed that his countrymen are not the primary component of these groups, saying that those groups able to attract Muslims from all over the world. He pointed out that the Turkish security services do what they can to prevent the Saudis from engaging in these terrorist organizations, one of the first countries that ranked the victory Daash as organizations and terrorist groups.
On the position of the Ministry of Interior of the sections that show a number of women inducers of the state, said that the Turkish security authorities do not differentiate in dealing with the facts of incitement between a man and a woman; Both are equal in front of the system.
And the reasons that make them focus arrests of young people and ignore symbols, denied the Turkish Brigade this matter, and said that the group that was arrested, including people crossed the stage of youth, and said, “We know that there are those who belong to terrorist groups and wearing a robe and exploits the concerns of the community to abuse to the state, but on the other hand we have the citizens are aware of such people .. our public opinion is fine, “while pointed out that one of the arrested was writing Friday sermons and sends to the terrorists abroad to read from the pulpits. Turkish Brigade responded to a question whether he had received any security threats, for being an Interior Ministry spokesman, said, “Every man’s security is threatened the security men .. they are crashing over the rock on which plots the terrorists .. and if the certificate wrote us this is what we hope.”

“Internal”: 59 involved issues already stopped “deviant group”

Further to the statement by the spokesman of the security to the Interior Ministry that enforcement of the order Decree No. 16820 and the date 05/05/1435 AH judge adopt a list of currents and groups – and the like – religious or intellectual extremist or classified as terrorist organizations internally, regionally or internationally, and punish anyone who belongs to or supported or adopts the ideology or approach in any way, or disclosure of sympathy by any means, or make any form of physical or mental support her, or incitement to none of it encouraging, or promoting it by saying or writing in any way. Given the painful reality that is passing through the region, which allowed the advocates of sedition and understanding sick disseminate their views extreme and lured the children of the community and drag them to the sites of sedition, he has competent security authorities and over the months to follow up each of hovering around suspicion, especially among those who have had a previous link to extremist ideology, It is unfortunate Note Delinquency some of those who have completed their sentences or were released by court orders to return to the previous reign, and as the months of monitoring and follow-up security has provided evidence to warrant initiative adjusts the likes of these laurels for their evil and disruptive to their plans, which were about to start implementing at home and abroad, especially since some of them was in hiding for, but abortion those schemes sinful has embarked security forces during the past few days, security operations simultaneously in a number of regions of the Kingdom resulted in the arrest of a total of eighty-eight involved, including three people from the Yemeni nationality and an unidentified person, and the rest Saudis (including Fifty-nine already stopped on the background of the issues of the deviant group). And the Ministry of the Interior announces is to confirm that the security apparatus is serious in tracking down all of the places himself replaced suspicion service for spoilers and employers sedition and Kharijites this day and age, and they will not hesitate in applying the regulations and instructions in the right of every person who contravenes and submit it to eliminate legitimate to obtain deserved retribution, also commends the time consciously sons of the same community of the threat posed by this group and the cooperation received by the security forces of the citizens and residents who helped to accomplish this task successfully without causing injuries or damage

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