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Posted on September 3, 2014


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. 6979 Air Base, located near Kansk, is the largest in Siberia, this guy is stationed interceptor MiG aircraft – 31BM, and over time there were Su-15TM aircraft, MiG-15 and Mig-17.

Since the mid-1980s and until 1994, the base was used by a rescue squadron, which had supplied an Antonov 12b, a Mi-87 and Tupolev range amphibious vehicle.

. Base pilots are not allowed to dress themselves, and flight equipment must be kept in special conditions.  Base halls, visitors can see a full panel with various cartoons, jokes illustrating typical camaradereşti army.

In the control center, coordinating the activity specific equipment air base may seem difficult to understand for a void. These aircraft can intercept and destroy targets at low, medium and high altitudes, in all weather conditions both at night and during the day.

O escadrilă de patru MiG-31 poate controla un spațiu aerian de 800-900 de kilometri. A squadron of four MiG-31 can control airspace of 800-900 kilometers. Iar mare altitudine, avioanele pot atinge viteze de 3.000 km/h. And high altitude aircraft can reach speeds of 3,000 km / h.

Din decembrie 2013, baza aeriană din Siberia folosește varianta modernizată de MiG-31BM. In December 2013, the air base in Siberia using upgraded version of the MiG-31BM. Noile aeronave pot detecta ținte aflate până la 320 km distanță și pot identifica, simultan, până la 10 ținte. The new aircraft can detect targets located up to 320 km away and can, simultaneously, up to 10 targets.

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