France suspends delivery of the first Mistral warships to Russia

Posted on September 3, 2014


France to authorize delivery conditions – in October – the first type Mistral warships to Russia “are not met to date,” the French presidency said on Wednesday, citing the crisis in Ukraine.
‘Despite the prospect of a truce that remains to be confirmed and implemented, “these conditions” are not collected so far “, said the Presidency in a statement quoted by AFP, quoted by Agerpres and Mediafax.

French authorities – subject to strong pressure, especially from the United States and Great Britain, postpone the surrender of the ship – said so far that the ship will be delivered to Moscow this autumn, according to the contract.

France has “understood the pressure of the international community” in crisis Ukrainian, and decided to stay “until November” delivery of the first type Mistral warships to Russia, said a French diplomatic source.

“The decision was made earlier this week. Agreement is suspended until November. This is the date when we will see if there are financial consequences,” said the source, adding that they “could cost us a billion euros.”

“We are criticized because we want to deliver, we can not complain that we want to deliver”, said the diplomatic source.

Russian reaction

France’s decision to suspend delivery of the first type Mistral warships to Russia, the crisis in Ukraine is not a tragedy for Moscow, Wednesday assured the Russian Ministry of Defense, according to AFP.

“The refusal of this contract will not be a tragedy for us rearmament plan,” said Yury Borisov, a Russian deputy minister of defense, the official news agency Itar-Tass.

This, “despite the fact that it is obviously unpleasant and creates some tension in the relations with our French colleagues,” he added

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