“the dawn of Libya

Posted on September 1, 2014


Arabiya, Washington – Reuters
ميليشيا “فجر ليبيا” تقتحم سفارة أميركا بطرابلس

Showed a record trading activists on social networking groups said they belong to the militia, “the dawn of Libya” during broke into the headquarters of the American Embassy in Tripoli free of diplomats
Broke into the headquarters of the American Embassy in Tripoli, non-diplomats.

The American officials Khobar, where she said Deborah Jones, United States ambassador in Libya, in a tweet on “Twitter” The video, which put on the “Twitter” appears “attached residential Mission United States, but can not be judged on that categorically.”

Was not immediately known how close the Appendix of the embassy itself. The Appendix includes the establishment of the headquarters, apparently diplomats.

But Jones, which operates from Malta explained that the embassy compound “not currently being secured a tampering with its contents.”

On his part, said an American official in Washington told “Reuters”, after he asked not to be named, said that the American government believes that the main compound of the embassy remains intact has not been taken over.

The militias, “the dawn of Libya” had, a few days ago stormed the Tripoli International Airport, in a sign of the deterioration of the security situation in the Libyan capital.

Shortly after the storming of Tripoli airport, a move the National Congress of the outgoing year to announce the receipt of power, in response to a request from the militia, “the dawn of Libya”, which enter the country again in a crisis of legitimacy.

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