the brigade commander, Brigades nightmare threatens the people of Aleppo

Posted on August 22, 2014


Keeper of the nightclub to the brigade commander, greeted me .. Brigades nightmare threatens the people of Aleppo
Grape my number 129 Sunday, 08/10/2014

Khaled Lahyani Here Halabi – Aleppo

Become “Badr Brigades”, which is synonymous with indiscriminate bombing of civilians in addition to the killings, kidnappings and torture, a source of concern for the people of Aleppo; whom follow these battalions, and why I left without expense to now?

The Khaled greeted me the first commander of the Badr Brigades, whose real name is Khalid Siraj born Hayyan in Aleppo countryside north in 1979, began his career distributing fuel and selling vegetables and fish in the area of ​​Bani Zeid, then to guard a nightclub, according to Hamza, an activist who runs a campaign « together accounting for butcher Aleppo ».

The Hayani start entering the army free to the city of Aleppo in September 2012, part of the brigade are free Syria notorious because of looting associated with it, and then boarded a battalion particular he called the battalion martyrs of Badr, who controlled the area of ​​Bani Zeid and the coefficient Leiramon, and accuse the owners of these workshops is responsible for looting that have suffered.

According to Hamza, the collection Lahyani wealth of more than billion Syrian pounds, and got grapes on my certificate number who have been robbed, including «Abu Ahmed» owner of a factory Clothing in Leiramon, were accused of Lahyani openly stealing his establishment, because he controlled the region at the time.

Associated with the name Hayani Alcastelo barrier, on the road traveling from the city of Aleppo towards Kafr redness in the countryside north, has witnessed the kidnapping of dozens of young barrier since August, 2013, after the merger of a number of battalions scattered Lakeana and change the label to «Badr Brigade |.

Among the most prominent stories of kidnappings at the checkpoint, stop the bus carrying a number of students from the University of Aleppo, and request amounts considerable material against the release, and transfer Maher (a pseudonym for security reasons), what he saw inside the detention Lahyani, «large numbers of detainees in a narrow space just as treats Assad detainees », pointing to cases of severe torture, Kmguetl young Kurd, was in the area of ​​housing youth, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, on charges of containment on his image of a lion.

On the other hand continues to Hayani indiscriminate bombing of mortar shells and jars of gas, the areas controlled by the al-Assad Kstreet Nile and Mogambo, but these missiles targeting civilian gathering places. Has issued a military commander of the Badr Brigade, posted a video on the front of Ashrafieh, claimed responsibility for the bombing of these areas, under the pretext of «KD-Assad strongholds». The commander admitted hitting civilians, but he asked them to evacuate the area, which is also home to the displaced from the liberated areas.

In contrast, the number of student Altenseekiet and opposition activists, room “operations Ahl al-Sham” to address the excesses of Major General, but did not respond to it.

Interestingly, all the opposition factions are considered Hayani «a criminal and a spoiler», but they did not face any of the fighters on the axes of the fighting, while the opposition holds the Assad regime, responsibility for violations committed by Lahyani.

In a remarkable development, arrested battalion belonging to the Badr Brigade of the Army of the Mujahideen before, according to a military source in the district, but he refused to talk about the details of the operation, and the only reference to the delivery of elements of Military Justice, alluding to the intentions of the “fight in the future.”

It is noteworthy that al-Hayani expand its influence in the region and acquires heavy weapons, at a time when it is busy fighting battalions opposition «State of Iraq and the Levant» and Assad’s forces

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