Stamens in the game hit “Daash”

Posted on August 22, 2014


Stamens in the game hit “Daash”

In 2012, specifically in the month of February afternoon, Colonel Riad al-Asaad to announce that the free army controls 70% of the Syrian territory, and now after the entry “Daash” and its conflict with the opposition as well as the presence of militias Party Lat and Iran as the Syrian regime, shrunk the control of the opposition to be reached only 10%.

“Daash” .. raised doubts around the origin, there are those who say it is a creature of American and there are those who consider industry Syria – Iraqi – Iranian Add to mind the granddaughter of “al-Qaeda”, and it is unlikely they combine these considerations because it includes fighters from various regions and countries, and fronts, It has been observed extremism which is doing “Daash” in Syria and Iraq, and gave a distorted image of Islam so she demolished the efforts that have been made ​​to clarify and move the true image of Islam to the West, however, that “Daash” excelled on the system to implement the provisions of murder against innocent people, but the crimes no less heinous than crimes of the Syrian regime’s deadly.

Whatever the origin of this organization is now Pat poses a real threat after the escape of Army Maliki in front of his troops, after confidence overwhelming formed has the following successes in Syria and Iraq, without excluding the role of the Syrian regime to enable the “Daash” offer, even if we consider that it is not the role of the system Asadi in the industry, “Daash” but make it grow under his attention, especially after many of its leaders out of jails and prisons in Iraq, al-Maliki.

The game was played the Syrian regime in the introduction of “Daash” to Syria and clear to everyone, the most prominent reasons that makes his opponents beat each other, and to prove the theory of “conspiracy cosmic” which invented since the beginning of the revolution, and that is the revolution from being a popular revolution to be described as extremism armed terrorist. And guide the involvement of al-Assad in the fabrication of “Daash” is the lack of exposure to them throughout the period of entry, but easy to have progress in the control of the areas controlled by the FSA confirms this speech, “Zoubi,” Minister of Media System, through his position at the conference “Geneva 2,” which took place in December last second, when he dodged the answer to a question posed by a journalist for more than ten times, “Why do not you hit you the headquarters of” Daash “in tenderness?”.

Utilizing the presence of “Daash”

Before turning to the hit “Daash” by the Syrian regime, it must be pointed to the number of beneficiaries of the existence of this organization and this will make it easier for the reader to access the real reason behind the hit Assad to Daash at this particular time.

The first beneficiary is the lion, which justified his crimes under the pretext of the fight against terrorists, and this is what one under his media since the beginning of the revolution, and then come America, which is the overall benefit of getting rid of the largest possible number of leaders and soldiers of the Syrians, and can be regarded as the chaos caused by the “Daash” in cause the region to exploit the “Israel” to hit Gaza this, it can also help the existence of “Daash” Kurds in enabling their independence.

Based on the above, hit the Syrian regime’s “Daash” At this time comes to coincide with the hit America for the organization in Iraq, and embodied the reasons for the American strike oil as the main reason, in addition to preventing the organization of the control of the Mosul Dam and finally defend the Yazidis and Christians. Now, the planes Assad Chen airstrikes continuous “Daash” in tenderness, to gain system satisfaction American by offering the same bug that fights the enemy who fight it, Obama in Iraq, and this also comes after the rebellion “Daash” on the Syrian regime, which enabled the existence and further victories So now is fighting and controlled strongholds such as “band 17” Major General “71”, and this could put an end to Assad falls between two choices, either at the hands of “Daash” or American military intervention under the pretext of “Daash.”

What can be confirmed is that it will occur in the coming days, according to political developments, the FSA and the Syrian Revolution in general, after the coup, “Daash” the pastor preaches educators and our salvation from both sides, “the system and Daash” survival of the Syrian people free–fflEcos10DMLHlBdKgg

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