Mexico to share energy reform experience with Ethiopia

Posted on August 21, 2014


By Shaida Hussein

Mexico’s landmark energy reform, which is expected to revolutionize the country’s oil and energy sector by ending the long time monopoly enjoyed by PEMEX, a state-owned oil explorer, and allowing international companies to compete in the sector, was in global headlines recently.

And, the Mexican ambassador in Addis Ababa says that Ethiopia can share Mexico’s experience in this area.

At the 65th anniversary of the start of Ethio-Mexico diplomatic ties, Alfredo Miranda, ambassador to Ethiopia, said that currently Mexico has passed a broad reform that complements the country’s economy. Among the reforms, the one on energy is the most important. This is by far the most radical reform for Mexican oil sector and Ethiopia is said to benefit if it is to gain experience from implementation of the sectoral reform.

The energy reform will allow Mexico to bring, adapt and take advantage of the technologies and industry know-how to maximize oil income and reduce environmental risks, for the benefit of Mexican workers, business and families, according to the ambassador. “The president has already signed the landmark energy reform legislation,” Miranda said on the occasion. Most of the new laws will be applicable in January 2015.

The government will publish the rules and market structure for new domestic clean energy certificate, a Mexican version of that certifies emission reduction (CER) bonds, governed by the clean development mechanism of the 1992 Kyoto Protocol. “Once we have passed the processes and when the bill is enacted we are going to be in condition to share information and experience with Ethiopia and we have been working here with the head of officials towards that end,” told The Reporter.

The ambassador also talked about the historic Mexico square in Addis Ababa and he announced that the square will be reconstructed next year. The square was constructed from an event that happened in 1935-1936 when Emperor Haile-selassie I appealed to the League of Nations on the aggression committed against Ethiopia by Fascist Italy and Mexico was one of the few countries that condemned this. Following this event Mexico Square was built. Mexico too has a place named after Ethiopia. Metro Etiopía/Plaza de la Transparencia, which is formerly known as Metro Etiopía, is a metro station on the Mexico City Metro. It is located in the Benito Juárez borough of Mexico City.

But due to the construction of the light railway here in the capital the square was removed. The Ambassador said he had spoken to the concerned body and the city’s mayor about reconstructing it. The reconstruction will be conducted next year.

Mexico remained a friend to Ethiopia since its invasion in 1935. In 1939, when the Emperor was in exile, he wrote a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. “Then we established our bilateral relationship after the Emperor came back to his country in 1941

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