Hillary Clinton admits in her new book

Posted on August 20, 2014


Hillary Clinton admits in her new book
“Daash” American industry
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Blew the Secretary of State the previous, Hillary Clinton, in a book to her, called it “tough choices”, surprise-fashioned heavy, when he acknowledged that the administration has established the so-called organized “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, known as “Daash”, to divide the Middle East region.
According to some sites, the day before yesterday, that the former minister said, in the book of memoirs which was released in America recently: “We entered the Iraq war and the Libyan and Syrian and everything was fine and very good, and suddenly the revolution 06/30 to 07/03 in Egypt and everything change within 72 hours. “
She added: It was agreed to declare an Islamic state on 05.07.2013, and wait for the ad to be کkna We acknowledge and Europe out immediately. “ She says, “کkint has visited 112 countries in the world .. It was agreed with some friends on the recognition of the” Islamic state “if the announcement immediately and suddenly crash کkl thing.” She continued to say “something کkl کxr before our eyes, without warning, something alarming happened! We thought in the use of force, but Egypt is not Syria or Libya, Egypt army of very strong and the people of Egypt will not leave his army and never alone.

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