“Algeria mockery of France in the case of monks Talakean”

Posted on July 11, 2014


Was charged yesterday, the French judge, Marc Travaidik, in charge of investigating the murder case of monks Talakean, Algeria to “ridicule of France” on the issue of “sensitive” such as the killing of monks Talakean he said, “I do not understand what is happening,” after having been postponed visa Algeria has repeatedly entering.

The judge said Marc Trevdak, told French radio “France Inter”, regarding his visit to Algeria as part of an investigation into the case, he “promised me the Algerian authorities that it will happen, but nothing happened, in September and October two,” and said he “did not get a special visa to go to Algeria, “and continued to tone ironic,” we’ll have to wonder if they’re laughing at us or not? “.
French judge questioned about whether the Algerian authorities really want to cooperate with France in the context of this case, which did not reveal its secrets after all, highlighting that “obviously did not understand the position of Algerian officials.”
The face of the judges responsible for the file, Marc Travaidik, and Natalie Bo, rogatory international to go to Algeria since the end of 2011, to examine the remains of monks and listening to 22 witnesses, and in late 2013, Algeria has agreed to exhume the remains, but they did not agree to listen to the witnesses.
The “censure” the French judge after promises received Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, the day after returning from a visit to Algeria recently, that Judge Mark Travaidik, in charge of the investigation in the murder of monks Talakean in 1996, will be able to go to Algeria “in the coming days”, and pointed out that occur in this matter with the Prime Minister Abdelmalek baskets, and with his Ramtane Lamamra.

Secretary Lounici

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