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Posted on July 10, 2014


Ad Hoc Working Group to promote decolonization of Puerto Rico
By Lyanne Melendez Garcia
San Juan, July 7 (INS) -. Socialist International, which groups about 150 political parties in the world, appointed a working group to promote the decolonization of Puerto Rico to the United Nations (UN) and thus push the U.S. government to take action on the political status of the island, today announced President Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Ruben Berrios.

“The working group will meet in the coming weeks or months to outline a specific plan of work aimed at the claim last referendum attend,” said Berrios on the body that was created following a meeting of the Council of the Socialist International, an organization in which he was named honorary president.

Berrios said the group will aim to establish a plan “for Puerto Rico to be considered at the General Assembly of the United Nations and force the United States to respond.”

“In light of this determination, we see that it is time that Puerto Rico is forced to take action,” said the honorary president of the Socialist International during a news conference at the headquarters of the PIP.

The chief executive of PIP, Fernando Martín García, said that “it is a priority to find mechanisms and tools to pressure the United States to respond to the claim decolonizing Puerto Rico.”

He said the announcement is a crucial step in the direction towards the independence of the island as “beyond making expressions for a moment (for the Socialist International) to assemble a working group has come.”

The working group will consist of representatives of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and Party of the Democratic Revolution. of Mexico; Radical Civic Union and the Socialist Party of Argentina, and the FSLN in Nicaragua.

Since 1952 Puerto Rico is a commonwealth associated (ELA) to the United States, which invaded on 25 July 1898 in the framework of the Spanish-American War.

The ELA, defended by a government sector Popular Democratic Party (PPD) is repudiated alike by the independence and annexation.

The Vice President of PIP, María de Lourdes Santiago, said the administration of Governor Alejandro García Padilla “should be to fulfill what they promised in his campaign to create an assembly of status.”

Spokesmen for Puerto Rican independence was declared community is tending to a fence who do not want anything to happen on the political status of the island

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