Police confiscate guns M-16 gang members in the neighborhood of the Ministry of National Defense

Posted on July 10, 2014


Wednesday July 9, 2014 12:16
Sources of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and the National Civil Police (PNC) reported this morning were confiscated two assault rifles of the type M-16 gang members who were captured in the area of ​​Las Palmas, near the General Staff of the Armed Forces, after being captured.

In the same area, the President, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, held its first program “Ruling the People”. That day, the president said he was head of the National System of Public Safety, along with the Minister of Justice and Security, Benito Lara.

The FGR reported on his Twitter account that four gang members were captured in the community of Las Palmas, after two rifles decomisarles the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

In its communication the Attorney ensures that those involved will be prosecuted for extortion and illegal possession of a weapon of war.

The Prosecutor General of the Republic, Luis Martinez said recently investigating alleged trafficking of guns of the Armed Forces who were destined to be destroyed. For the case to the Defense Minister David Munguia Payes, was called to testify in the prosecution and even after declaring he did not allow prosecutors make the necessary investigations to clarify the case.

Similarly, recently theft 4 M-60 machine guns of great destructive power and ministry of Defence has not even notified the FGR, keeping reserves in the investigation it was discovered.

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