Mexican Helicopter breaks U.S. airspace. Guns and border agents

Posted on July 10, 2014


The Mexican police aircraft crossed the border into Arizona and clarified a fact not shot against a U.S. Border Patrol.

Last Update: 28 JUNE 2014 13:39 | by Staff JOURNAL PAGE

In a confusing fact, a Mexican military aircraft yesterday crossed the U.S. border and fired on a Border Patrol there.The two officers who were in the vehicle that monitors were spared, sources with the Border Patrol.

The incident occurred early Thursday when the helicopter fired at the agents and flew back to Mexico.

Reportedly Site News 4 Tucson, Mexican authorities contacted U.S. diplomats to apologize for the incident.

One version assumes that the ship was on a drug operation near the border.”Early this morning, a helicopter crossed the Mexican police about 100 meters north of Arizona, about 8 miles southwest of the town of San Miguel.Two shots were fired from the helicopter, but no injuries or property damage were reported.The incident is being investigated, “said Andy Adame, spokesman for the Border Patrol.

As detailed News 4 Tucson, the Mexican government has already submitted his apologies and has launched an official investigation into what happened.

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