Iraq UN complaint with jihadi groups have taken nuclear material

Posted on July 10, 2014


The Expresso Puerto Rico July, 2014


Baghdad (Reuters) – Iraq has complained to united Nations terrorist groups have taken control of nuclear material used in scientific research at the University of Mosul in northern Iraq.

The Iraqi News Agency reported today that the Iraqi ambassador to the UN, Mohamed al-Hakim, said in the letter, sent on the 8th, gunmen have taken around 40 kilos of uranium compounds college.

Al Hakim said that terrorist groups, as called the Iraqi government Sunni and jihadi insurgents fighting against them, have gone on to have nuclear material elsewhere “which came from state control and can be used to make weapons of destruction massive “.

In the letter addressed to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, Iraqi ambassador said the amount stolen is “small” but if these groups have sufficient expertise, “can use alone or mix with other substances for terrorist operations. “

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