A contraceptive remote, the new revolution of Bill Gates

Posted on July 10, 2014


Wednesday July 9, 2014 6:49

I work based on a chip inserted into the body, half an inch, which will release the drug at the push of a button. It will be sold from 2018.

Surely there will be some who think Bill Gates is someone as old fashioned, but the truth is that by their actions the founder of Microsoft usually throw away such assumptions. And this time he did through the foundation that presides with his wife Melinda, taking on a new challenge in his scientific research.

If at any time was the creation of best condoms or the toilets of the future, now the organization is developing a new project to create a method of contraception that can be controlled remotely, in addition to last up to 16 years.

This initiative would be based on the new microchip developed by the prestigious American institution MIT, just half an inch in size, manufactured in titanium materials and platinum regimens and could be easily implemented with a procedure of no more than 30 minutes with local anesthesia.

With this team to release levonorgestrel, the same present in contraceptive pills, women may decide to distance and through a remote control if you want to remain fertile or not at any given time.

So far, one of the most disputed points about this method is the possibility that others may come to control these implants. However, the foundation is already working especially in the safety of these chips, as reported by the newspaper El Mercurio.

This same technology was originally implemented by ongoing study to patients with osteoporosis, which seeks to replace the complex treatment of several injections with this automatic system, which allows as contraceptive, the medication is delivered by remote control.

It is expected that the implant can begin selling in 2018, after receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

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