Women’s Lib Not For Birds

Posted on July 8, 2014


Women’s Lib Not For Birds

Journal News May 16, 1972

Journal-News SlaK Writer
The Women’s Liberation
movement has burst like
showering fireworks
throughout the country, with
sparks of varying brightness
exploding in towns and
villages as well as the larger
And women arc begimiag
to lift their arms from the
dishwater, and straighten up
from the ironing board to look
at the colorful displays.
In Hamilton a great many
women an too busy with
caring for homes and children
to bother with keeping up
with the various movements
sweeping the nation. In facl,
a greal many women are just
simply lo» conlcnt with their
lot to protest at all.
But the movements are
g r o w i n g . And G o l d e n
Triangle women are taking
notice, .’.at the annual spring
luncheon I meeting of the
Women’s City Club all the
name tags bore Ihe title: Ms.
“There are times when I
sort of like to rock Ihe boat,”
said lively Mrs. Ruth Gorsuch
who was on the hospitality
committee for the session. “I
had this list of names, some
with first names and some
with their husbands’ names,
and I just thought ‘with Ms.
I can’t go wrong!’ ”
During Middlctown’s city
workers’ strike and garbage
problems at least five gals
applied for positions vacated
by fired employes of the
maintenance departments.
And at the League of
Women Voters March board
meeting it was suggested that
due to the Women’s Lib
movement the use of “Mrs.”
and “spouses names” ‘ be
dropped in exchange for use
of members’ own first names
in “The Leaguer,” the
group’s newspaper.
In the annual membership
book instead of listing Mrs.
John Doe (Jane) — it will
be Jane Doe (Mrs. John),
a c c o r d i n g to Madalyn
Jotivettc (Mrs. Vincent),
editor of the paper.
Another active area group
is the YWCA. There, a consciousness-
raising group, ail
outgrowth of Young Women
Committed to Action, has
been taking a look at what
is going on.
They meet Wednesday
evenings for discussions on
Women’s. Lib and o t h e r
topics, and one of their activities
.Was organizing a bus
trip to Dayton to hear Shirley
Chisholm who had just announced
her intention to run
for President of the United
Women’s Lib activities and
discussions arc not limited,
however, to the organized
groups. There are debates
and discussions in elementary
sphool classrooms — and out
at Lakota High School Leah
boose, a junior, is a shotsputter!
Girls are speeding away
. from just being cheerleaders
and drill, team members —
now they’re in basketball,
soccer, tennis, track and the
long jump. . -and a woman
has even .been appointed to
the Indiana High School
Athletic Association board.
A game, “Women’s Lib,”
has been designed for four
to seven players — with
participants taking the roles
of Male Chauvinist, the
Moderate Male, Moderate
Female and other liberationinspired
titles. Fake money is
used. to pay for day care
centers, taxes and other •
expenses in the game.
And, if you think that is
running it to the ground, get
The National Hurricane
Center in Miami, Fla. has
released the season’s regular
batch of FEMALE names for
expected hurricanes.
R o x c y Bolton, former
National vice president of the
N a t i o n a l Organization of
Women, protested to the
Center the use of women’s
names — she suggested using
names of senators and
congressmen — but was told
they would be insulted.
When she suggested Using
birds’ names she was told:
“The Audubon Society would
be up in arms!”
So, said Mrs. B o l t o u ,
“Apparently Weather Service
officials feel you can’t slander
senators or birds, but it’s all
right to run down women.” >
It’s the little things that
finally get you.
I don’t think I’ll have to
worry about the hurricane
problem, though . . . whoever
heard of a storm named “-

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