Women Who Want Equal Treatment

Posted on July 8, 2014


Women Who Want Equal Treatment
Barbara.Ellingson-Waugk writes

Madison Capital Times February 21, 1973
a. regular column about the women’s
‘movement for The Capital Times.
She invites comments and questions
from readers. Send all letters ‘in care
of The Capital Times.’
“Sex” left out of a new equal rights law,
order or regulation? They demonstrate,
lobby and testify to have it included.
Stronger EEOC guidelines on
discrimination because of sex appear. And
child-bearing leave is treated as a temporary
disability, male/female want ads
are prohibited, state protective labor statutes
that discriminate by sex are
overruled. Order 4 is revised to include
“sex.” And now federal contractors must
balance their workforce at all levels by sex
as well as by race.
A POOR WOMAN with a good case needs
a lawyer? They find and pay for a feminist
lawyer for her. And Ms. Lorena Weeks
wins $30,000 back pay, a better’paying job,
and sets the precedent, that affects
thousands of women: an employer must
open all jobs to women unless he can prove
that all women are not able to do the job.
A woman* faculty member paid
thousands less for the same work as a male
colleague? They file the first class action
suit in the country against a university for
sex discrimination against faculty. And go
on to file against hundreds more colleges
and universities.
A poor woman discriminated against in a
WIN program?’They gather-facts,
publicize and pressure: 81% of the poor are
women, the majority of-poor families ‘are
headed by women. Women with equal
education make 40-60 per cent as much as
men, etc., etc. And priority for males
under the WIN program is’held invalid.
WHO ARE THEY? Members of a national
organization for women.’ Civil rights
activists who have united across barriers
of race, class and age to destroy the barrier
of sexual prejudice against women. Activists
who are gaining increasing control
in the business of the country.
– What is this national organization for
• A NATIONAL organization for women.
Every state now has local chapters, and the
number of local chapters doubled, tripled
and quadrupled in most states last year.
Total membership more than doubled last
year and now numbers 15,000.
• A national ORGANIZATION for
women. With a national board, state conveners
and local chapters integrally connected,
15,000 can be mobilized across the
country within hours. Thousands have been
mobilized in the last six years, thousands
more will be mobilized in the next six.
• A national organization FOR women.
Not OF women. Many men committed to
civil rights for women belong. In fact, one
.woman activist I know took the kids for the
first time in weeks while her husband went
off to the NOW conference.
• A national organization for WOMEN,
Not whining children who Want their cake
and eat it too. Women who demand equal
treatment under the laws, and assume
equal responsibility under the laws.
WOMEN. Celebrate its sixth’birthday and
join. For information about the chapter in
Wisconsin nearest you, contact the state
convener Ms. Margo House/432 West Grant
Avenue/Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701.
• » . * » .
“The class hit hardest by OEO cuts is
women.” male OEO researcher.
It’s been twenty days since Police Chief
Couper, D. A. Lynch and Sheriff Ferris said
they would answer Women’s Rape Coalition
in two weeks.
Boys and girls love Alice in Wonderland
and the Wizard Oz.
“Golda Visits Pompadour” … Cap
Times headline.
Galileo was the astronomer who discovered
the moons of Jupiter. Marie Curie
was the beautiful chemist who discovered
-Galileo ‘was the astronomer;who discovered
the moons of Jupiter. Marie Curie
was the chemist who discovered radium. „
Galileo was the handsome astronomer’
who discovered the moons of Jupiter..
Marie Curie was the beautiful chemist
discovered radium. .

Life and Conscience
In Abortion Dispute
(Madison) — Response to Mrs, Gaylor’s
letter and her reference to the Catholic
Church. — The abortion mentality is
wrong. Life is a continuum and the unborn
child is a human being with the same potential
we all possess — to develop and
grow throughout life’s continuum.
The Supreme Court’s decision is not inconsistent
with the Catholic Church’s
teaching on the importance of the exercise
of individual conscience in matters of
morality. The court’s decision does not
deny the right of our church or any other
body from teaching a doctrine which might
limit or prohibit the exercise of abortion
procedures for its members.
The decision does, however, permit the
free exercise of conscience for those citizens
who regard abortion as a civil right
and a personal option.
I personally will work to educate my
children, my neighbors, and community as to
the value and meaning of human life, in
all of its “potential forms”. At the same
time I will not judge nor deny my children,
neighbors, and community the right to
exercise individual conscience in matters
of morality.
The Catholic Church’s Official position
on the matter of conscience, taken from the
documents of The Second Vatican Council,
is that “Conscience is the most secret core
and sanctuary of a man. There he is alone
with God. Only in freedom can man direct
himself toward goodness”. (Church in the
Modern World,. I, The Dignity of the
Human Person)
“This Vatican Council urges everyone,
especially those who are charged with the’
task of educating others, to do their utmost
to form men who, on the one hand, will
respect the moral order and be obedient to
lawful authority, and, on the other hand,
will be lovers of true freedom — men in
other words, who will come to decisions on
their own judgment and in the light of
truth, govern their activities with a sense
of responsibility and strive after what is
true and right, willing always to join with
others in cooperative effort.” (Declaration
on Religious Liberty).
It is to be hoped that we can bear with
each other in our struggle for the understanding
of what it means to be human.—
Barton G«lf«a


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