Violent weekend in Michoacan

Posted on October 30, 2013


Army, Federal Police and state operating implemented after 4 fire stations and Apatzingán armed aggression.
Source Jose Luis Diaz October 27, 2013 13:58 pm
Morelia, Michoacan. – The early hours of Sunday unknown persons attacked with bullets and Molotov cocktails, several gas stations and substations of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), that in the capital of Michoacan and other parts of the state, including Apatzingán, where last Saturday there was a shootout in the center, following the entry of police community Tepalcatepec Tomatlán Buenavista and other locations.

Attacks despachadoras fuel stations only occurred in Morelia, while aggression against CFE plants were Apatzingán , Hidalgo, Sahuayo Zacapu, Uruapan, Paracho, La Piedad Zamora, Jacona, Álvaro Obregón, Maravatío Zitácuaro , Tarímbaro and the same state capital.

At the stroke of 1:00 am in Apatzingán, heavily armed hooded men torched two substations of the CFE , one known as “Apatzingán” and another as “Green Valley”, the latter located in the El Varillero, after which employees of the site, with the help of federal police, managed to douse the flames and finally the same federal hiding for the area, and later supported by the military.

With such a situation were affected several nosocomial like General Hospital “Ramón Ponce” and ISSSTE clinic, where the biggest concern was that it came on automatically power plants and not alternative electricity supply restored, may spoil hundreds of vaccines and blood drives, plus it also greatly needed medical devices to treat patients, informed doctors and nurses themselves.

In the case of the Municipal Market, also in Apatzingán, despite fear owners pollerías butchers and opened businesses to offer their products and sell them as soon as possible, since they can not make use of the chillers.

Almost simultaneously, in Morelia unknown used petrol bombs and guns in order to burn three substations of CFE, one located on Avenida San Juanito Itzícuaro, another outside a club and the final price in the La Soledad , against Morelia Technology, the last place left 131 homemade explosives, which were in several cases, which were secured by staff of the Office of Michoacán .

Cascade, were also attacks CFE facilities in the municipalities of Hidalgo, Sahuayo Zacapu, Uruapan, Paracho, La Piedad Zamora, Jacona, Álvaro Obregón, Maravatío Zitácuaro and Tarímbaro, reporting failures and brownouts that hurt to thousands.

As the fire of the four gas stations in the state capital and Tarímbaro over, witnesses say it started on the stroke of 1:30 am, when the gas station was burnt located at the entrance to fractionation Clover in Tarímbaro on the highway Morelia-Alvaro Obregon, where the thugs threw Molotov cocktails and thereby despachadoras siniestraron three fuel pumps.

Then, there were attacks at the pump in the colony Santiaguito, Estadio Morelos, next of Morelia Bus Terminal (TAM), Santa Maria, against Vasco de Quiroga University on Avenida Juan Pablo II and located in Morelia-Charo road near the “Season One” Municipal Fire.

In such sourcing fuel stations, the damage is incalculable, but no human casualties than sorry.

After what happened, federal agents, state and soldiers deployed various tours throughout the city, in search of those responsible for the facts, who according to some aggrieved were nine to 15 types empistolados and hooded.

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