The Mexican government sent five thousand troops to Michoacan to stop dynamite atantados

Posted on October 30, 2013


The Mexican government sent at least 5,000 police and soldiers to the southern state of Michoacan to arrest those responsible for the bombing on Sunday, when they were attacked power stations in cities of 14 municipalities and burnt several stations.

The situation in that troubled Pacific coastal zone is of “high alert” due to acts of “hooliganism” as described the government, although some of the headlines of the local newspapers called them “terrorists”.

Groups of self-defense (paramilitary) in the Tierra Caliente of Michoacán, with abundant crops of marijuana, and the movement of other drugs, accused the cartel known as the “Knights Templar”, attacks on electrical substations, which left thousands of people in darkness.

The security operation includes flybys, standing patrols, checkpoints and the protection of strategic facilities, especially the government’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX).

The elements “work collaboratively to restore security and to reassure the population,” said official sources quoted by the Ansa agency.

In total, 18 facilities were attacked CFE in at least 14 municipalities throughout the state.

Article 139 of the Penal Code states that such actions can be framed as “terrorism” by the use of explosives or firearms against persons, things or services.

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