Resets CFE electric service to customers 413 000 100

Posted on October 30, 2013


Reported Federal Electricity Commission
El Sol de Morelia
October 29, 2013

SANCHEZ Rosamaría Writing CORNER

The Federal Electricity Commission confirmed that recorded an increase of 98 percent in restoring power to the affected clients last weekend, it attacks after 18 substations of the company.

The CFE announced that of the 420 000 711 users who were affected, “has now been restored service to 413 000 100 customers, and continuing to work” in coordination with the bodies of the three levels of government “, this to conclude this procedure.

Through an official statement, the Federal Electricity Commission said that until a few hours “was an advance of 98% in restoring electrical service to affected customers in the State of Michoacan, by developments in the early hours of Sunday” .

Makes the document that “from the outset, the CFE crews have worked continuously in the work of restoration, for which it has disposed of the human, technical and material resources to repair work of circuits, and the replacement of damaged equipment in order to normalize in the shortest time possible electric service that is vital to the development of the daily activities of the productive sectors and the population of this state. ”

Ponder the CFE workers “have labored unceasingly in the restoration, with the sense of responsibility and professionalism that characterizes them in the care of contingencies.”

In the work of restoration, “the CFE has been in close coordination with the three levels of government”, and concluded confirming its commitment “to continue working to standardize the provision of electric service in Michoacan”.


It must be remembered that the early hours of Sunday, October 27, gunmen attacked the CFE 18 substations and some gas stations, allegedly in response to the violence that occurred a day earlier in nearby Apatzingán Township, affecting the supply of partial cuts energy, intermittent and final, to customers 420 000 711 Federal Electricity Commission, including private homes, businesses, institutions and farms, until this afternoon, the service was still 50 percent, about the same.

According to a report by the CFE, it was known that the damaged substations are 18, 4 and 131 lines out circuits.

Company Reports also indicate that the most important towns affected were: Buenavista Tomatlán Tepalcatepec Hawk, Apatzingán, La Piedad, Zinapécuaro, Uruapan (by 30 percent); Zamora, Ciudad Hidalgo, Tuxpan, Morelia and Tarímbaro, among other .

In immediate response actions to incidents, the CFE was able to recover, the same Sunday, by transfer medium voltage substation and 29 circuits, restoring service to customers 95 000 497.

Among the installations are damaged substations: Pradera, Valle Verde, Apatzingán 1 Sahuayo, The Sun, The Mercy West, La Piedad, Zinapécuaro, Uruapan 3 Arboretum, Zamora, Ciudad Hidalgo and Tuxpan.

To restore service substations more damage, dependence bussed 8 mobile substations to be installed in facilities that have damage power transformers.

The preliminary damage recorded by the Federal Electricity Commission at its facilities in the 18 substations damaged, not to mention economic, are:

* 12 power transformers

* 7 switches 115 kv.

* 18 switches 23 kv.

* 48 Switches 13.8 kv.

* 6 current transformers of 115 kV.
* 2 protection and measuring boards.

In transmission systems affected power substation Uruapan, Zamora and Apatzingán; still out Zamora and Apatzingán. (S)

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