“Israel” again offend the Lord Jesus Christ and his mother Mary

Posted on October 30, 2013


Is not the first time it will not be the last offensive which Israel to Christianity and Muslim alike, especially that it has become an important part of faith for them, but the most dangerous of all these abuses we observe between now and then is that Israel wants to drag the Palestinians into a religious conflict ideological through, inter insults and provocations using the religious element, as well as an extension of the series of attacks Israeli daily against holy sites in Palestine, at a time when officials insist that all of this comes within the Israeli policy provocative and clear, you want to be exercised by Israel against the Palestinians, who are languishing under occupation and bitterness for the application objectives of the alleged control of earth and stone and rights, the mosque and the church.
In the details of the abuse this time, the newspaper “Yisrael Hume” Hebrew-language Israeli news offensive to Christianity in a sarcastic manner talking about the birth of four “donkeys” inside the barn for the animals in Kfar كيدم in the nearby town of Hoshaiah of the city of Nazareth in the occupied territories 48.According to the text of the news “that live in the barn group of female donkeys, and that he does not live in the barn 4 years ago any mention of” donkeys “, that which made the director of Kfar كيدم Menachem Goldberg, surprised and looking for the secret of this birth, according to the report published by the newspaper says : “It is what appears to be female donkeys loaded from Male infiltration to the barn,” but he added: “If there is the belief of Christians say that the Virgin Mary carried by the Holy Spirit and lived in the city of Nazareth, near Hoshaiah and perhaps donkeys also carried by the Holy Spirit “, in a clear abuse of the Christian religion and birth of Jesus the prophet Jesus, peace be upon him.
Trying to drag us into a religious conflict
“Hatred of Judaism and doctrinal now linked with politics,” This is confirmed by a member of the Islamic-Christian support of Jerusalem and holy sites in Palestine, Father Manuel Muslim, pointing out that there are a provocation and clear to the feelings of the Palestinian humiliated every day more and more through the religious element, as the Jews know that Muslims and Christians are religious and respect their religion, and they so Asabonhm through this delicate insults.
In an interview with the website “newsletter”, he stressed Muslim on the “we are believers and Nagar on the religion they resort to that يستفزونا through these things,” but he pointed out that the longer and more dangerous than in accordance with the doctrine of Israel because they believe that they are more killed and insulted Muslims, Christians and أخرجوهم from their country Itqrbun so from God. And a Muslim father saw that the Jews are trying to provoke anxiety in such practices, particularly as they had lost at all levels wars, military, moral and political.

Israeli policy planned

The Muslim: “They arouse the ire of Muslims and Christians, these abuses in order to drag us into a religious war, and that we find them burning the church and the mosque do not forget that all these shocks on the road, but the last goal in Israel is not the church in Gaza or Ramallah or Acre, but the goal is Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. ”
He stressed member of the Islamic-Christian that all these abuses comes as part of an Israeli policy provocative and thoughtful scheme have all the rudeness and all carry the meaning of the word. He continued: “When writing obscene words on any sacred place for Christ or Mohammed say for us to get out and that this earth for us, but, we, as Palestinians, Muslims and Christians to think for ourselves and be careful of these abuses.”
Will they get from the figure of Jesus Christ
For his part, denounced the Archbishop of Sebastia for the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna of this abuse and this encroachment on the most important doctrines and principles of faith in Christianity. Hanna said he is not entitled to any publisher or journalist insulted the religious symbols of any religion of religions, how much more when it comes to the person of Jesus Christ and his mother, the Virgin Mary Virgin.
He Hanna: “No matter how they tried to insulting the person of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary and whatever they tried to abuse of the Church and its teachings Semitism, they will not be able to undermine the character of Jesus Christ and his status Semitism and his work of salvation in this world and we can only say to these المتطاولين religions, values ​​and symbols of what Mr. Christ on the stage of the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what to do” and add Lord Ahidhm the to the path of truth, justice and peace. “In the end, as long as these abuses reflect the approach to the Israeli, we may see many of them probably will not be the last with the enemies of يحاربوننا religiously and ideologically, politically and in all forms, especially since the ill-Per values ​​and religious beliefs and taunt a clear Christian and Islamic Rmozhma holy, which requires mobility popular and official to stop these practices, which is supposed not only answered by statements of condemnation and denunciation.


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