U.S. report: Front «victory» bringing life for al-Qaeda again

Posted on September 10, 2013


U.S. report: Front «victory» bringing life for al-Qaeda again

Front victory turning Syria into a haven for base

A report of the research institution American, yesterday, prepared a draft of Homeland Security of the Centre for Policy parties, Democratic and Republican, that al-Qaida front of him a new opportunity because legged when life in Syria, in light of the turmoil caused by the civil war, which help to strengthen the influence of Front victory of to him.
Under the title, «jihadist terrorism: risk assessment, the report stated that« premature to predict the long-term danger posed by al-Qaeda and allied groups, but the conditions in the troubled Middle East has brought to life in a new network. Opponents of the plan say U.S. President Barack Obama to strike Syria, if it eventually will pour in favor of Front victory. He said an expert on al-Qaeda, and one of the participants in the preparation of the report, Peter Bergen, The fate of the star-Qaeda in the ups and downs is determined to some extent in Syria. The project is headed by a bipartisan policy center Thomas Kean, former Republican governor of New Jersey, and Lee Hamilton, former Democratic lawmaker for the Pacers, who heads 11-9 Committee Report which analyzed the readiness of the United States for the September 11 attacks in 2001, reportedly do. The report said that arming the Syrian opposition fighters may allow the fall of heavy weapons in the hands of jihadist groups, and chemical arsenal Assad pose a potential problem if reached by groups such as the victory. According to the report, the other danger from the Syrian civil war is the presence of thousands of radical Islamists foreign fighters, including Americans. The report said that the continuous attempts and the success of militant groups, foreign in establishing support networks within the United States constitutes a potential threat in the future, because the money sent by individuals to terrorist groups abroad can turn to launch attacks at home, and the Americans who are fighting abroad could return to commit terrorism within the United States. Security officials feel the U.S. and EU concerned over the participation of citizens of the European countries in fighting in Syria, because the citizens of these countries can easily enter the United States without a visa, but it is those fighters who fought in Syria a terrorist threat.

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