the main phase of the operation Sinai invasion of land and sea and air to hit the dens of terrorists

Posted on September 10, 2013


admin 3 September 10, 2013
And started the main phase of the operation Sinai invasion of land and sea and air to hit the dens of terrorists

Mansour Abdul Ghani wrote:
Sounded the zero hour for the stage main process Sinai and began armed forces since last Saturday with the assistance of a lid Joy of Apache helicopters and Alhlyukpetr offensive and with the participation of members of the infantry mechanical and private collections known forces Ghost to do more than a military operation in the Sinai since the 1973 war, in addition to the Navy. The operation resulted in the killing and wounding dozens and control a large group of terrorists who belong to different nationalities, Arab, Asian and Western and control large quantities of weapons of various anti-tank and individuals and missiles SAM-7 anti-aircraft missiles were detonated many stores Alzacharh and explosive belts and explosive devices remotely and vehicles with four-wheel drive and nests that used by terrorists.
Succeeded Corps of Engineers military in the destruction of nearly 6 new tunnels were evacuated vicinity tape border with the Gaza Strip for the work of a buffer zone to prevent the escape of terrorist elements into the Gaza Strip and participated special groups to cut roads and trails mountain to prevent contact between the terrorists in all areas and gave the people of Sinai aid to forces commitment to ban roaming army and the non-existence of citizens near the public and military installations was suspended and a final means of communication in the area of ​​operations and the surrounding areas.
Sources responsible for the people that the war on terror will not stop before clearing the entire Sinai and secure the border with the Gaza Strip to impose a buffer zone large and destruction of all spending to dry up the sources of terrorism and military operations with the participation of the police forces and a new plan professional to prevent civilian casualties and the people of Sinai.
In the context of online sources pointed out the security that the groups that have been arrested provided important information on the armament and sources of funding and other means of support for terrorists and groomed and groups working in the Sinai and their extensions in the Gaza Strip and the participation of Hamas, claimed responsibility for targeting the security forces of the army and the police and military operations going in parallel line with the roadmap will not affect them and that the next few days will witness the disclosure of important information related to those who support terrorism in Egypt.

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