Army prevents the escape of jihadists from Syria to Sinai

Posted on September 10, 2013


Said a military source, that the first major objectives, which prompted the armed forces to accelerate military operations in the Sinai, it is frustrating scheme international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, a private plot which Iheckha wing Turkish against Egypt, which on the development of Sinai as a weakness to be negotiated through them, to the return of the Brotherhood of life Political again, and directed by organizational leaders from prison, led by leader of the group, and Shater his deputy, and the financial arm of the organization and Mohammed El Beltagy leader of the group. The source pointed out that the second goal of accelerating operations cleanse Sinai dens groups takfirist, is to take place before the American strike expected for the Syrian regime in the coming days, which is expected to be channeled by the United States and its allies during the week at most, which may lead to escape many of the elements of armed terrorist to the Egyptian border and the Sinai, and the establishment of a new base for them in those areas, and union with the rest of the remnants of the groups takfirist there, to establish a “Taliban” new in the areas of North and South Sinai and achieve full control on the region, in a period of preoccupied with which the Egyptian army, the follow-up operations against Syria and monitor its progress and the protection of the strategic directions of basic and control objectives nationalism found in those areas, and secure any rules or military units may Atolha any damage as a result of confrontation is calculated results and military conflicts that take place in the Mediterranean Sea during the days the next, and that no one knows the results so far.

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