U.S. President fails to rally allies to hit Syria

Posted on September 7, 2013


Saturday, September 7, 2013
Putin caught Obama and the fate of the war on the regime in Damascus on Monday determined
Did not relieve the meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the top twenty in St Petersburg of the Russian unit otherwise the two countries on a military strike against Syria, also showed the summit over the division of powers in dealing with the Syrian file, as well as Obama failed to mobilize more Allies and remains the only crowd in front of him in Congress to give the green light to attack Syria, as announced yesterday also approved the difficulty of the task, though the only positive thing that witnessed the summit was the announcement of a slight recovery of the global economy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference yesterday, he met with his counterpart Barack Obama, to discuss the Syrian file, but did not change the meeting of the positions of the two countries, according to what he said, “We met with the President today,” any yesterday, explaining that “the talks lasted 20 to 30 minutes “He added,” All of us stayed on his position. ” He also announced that his country will continue to help Syria militarily, even if hit, but did not specify on defense.
Differing attitudes to the extent of directing harsh criticism by Moscow, calling for war, as president of the abyss House Duma International Affairs Russian Federation Alexei بوشكوف, that U.S. President Barack Obama has become the “war president.” The spokesperson of the Office of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Bekov, فصرح that today nothing to do with diplomacy Britain. He described Britain said, “is just a small island .. No one Ieiarham the attention. ”
In this context, Putin warned targeting chemical weapons sites, as well as small nuclear reactor near Damascus, and in the meantime, was quoted by Interfax news agency Russian navy source as saying that Russia will send a huge ship landing towards the Syrian coast.
American isolation. .. France and the Arab countries to the rescue of Obama
On the other side saw the White House, said yesterday that Russia “has nothing to add” to the current political debate in the United States on the Syrian crisis, after he refused the Republican chairman of the House of Representatives to meet with Russian parliamentary delegation in this regard. But the United States finds itself in international isolation and is able to mobilize the necessary support and international consensus to hit Syria in light of parking both Russia and China in the face of the Security Council, along with the Secretary-General of the United Nations showed his opposition to a military strike outside its body and without providing sufficient evidence to condemn the system Syrian the massacre Gouta, isolation Proof Obama was clear during the summit San Petrsjrg, where the White House announced that 11 heads of state out of the twenty-twenty who attended the summit condemned the use of chemical weapons and called for a strong response.
Faced with this isolation will U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tour to Europe in order to mobilize more allies to hit Syria, is expected to meet today with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius will also meet with representatives of the Arab League in Paris tomorrow. He had talked Kerry ten countries expressed willingness to participate in the aggression against Syria. The consensus of European Union defense ministers yesterday that Assad is attacked Alkimaawifa Gota, did not actually change something and did not stimulate the European Union to participate along with Paris and Washington in their aggression on Syria.
Billion cost of Obama’s agenda in Syria
But despite the failure of Obama to mobilize allies, but it announced the outline of its military operation in Syria, where he is expected to address a message to the American people on Tuesday, according to what was announced yesterday from Russia, and have it days after a vote of Congress on the military operation, and Obama acknowledged the difficulty of obtaining the approval of Congress, while the House of Representatives will discuss the matter as of Monday.
Obama said in a press conference at the conclusion of the Group of Twenty summit, “I knew it would be difficult,” acknowledged as «American reservations in the country in a state of war for more than 10 years now.” Obama refused to say whether the strikes will decide if Congress refused. But he declared that he would go to “the American people with the word next Tuesday.”
The newspaper “New York Times” America that Obama issued instructions to the Pentagon, to develop an extensive list of potential targets in Syria hit beyond the session, in order to limit the ability of the Syrian regime to use chemical weapons. The newspaper reported that the U.S. administration for the first time spoke about the use of American and French fighters to launch attacks on specific targets, and said that there is a renewed pressure to engage other forces of NATO, “NATO”.
For his part, told U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel members of Congress that a limited military strike to deter Syria likely will cost tens of millions of dollars, but guided by past experience may increase the number much about it. Said Todd Harrison, a defense budget analyst at Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments: “I was surprised when I heard (Hagel) says the tens of millions, it is deliberately reducing the size of the cost.” He estimated the process as “will cost between half a billion and a billion dollars, according to number of goals Séajmunha by.”
The French president’s only ally Obama has announced it is waiting for the decision of both chambers of the U.S. Congress and the results of the UN investigation into the massacre Gota to take the final decision.
In Syria, the Syrian parliament asked Congress not to approve the strike Syria, Damascus has also announced it will give each of the captured foreign fighters in the ranks of the opposition $ 2,500 reward. The New York Times published a video of the opposition fighters executed seven of regular army soldiers shot dead.

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