In addition to the use of the U.S. and French aviation to launch strikes

Posted on September 7, 2013


By ¯ s. D / agencies 6 hours 16 minutes ago
U.S. officials said President Barack Obama is the face of the Pentagon to prepare an extensive list of potential targets in Syria to limit the ability of President Bashar al-Assad on the use of chemical weapons.

The newspaper quoted the New York Times of America in an article published on its website yesterday evening, the officials said the administration talked for the first time on the use of the U.S. and French aviation strikes on specific targets, and along with Tomahawk missiles, which launches from ships. The officials said that the strikes would not target chemical weapon depots in itself in order to avoid a potential disaster, but units and headquarters of the military carried out the attacks.
The newspaper said, Obama is the face of the Pentagon to prepare for an extended list of potential targets in Syria in response to intelligence reports that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad transported troops and equipment the use of chemical weapons with the preoccupation of Congress to discuss the issue of giving the green light for military action against Syria.
It quoted officials that Obama is determined to place more emphasis on partial »deterrence and reduce« Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons, which the administration says its goal of a military strike to Syria.
She said New York Times that this means expanding to exceed fifty goals or nearly fifty of the major sites that were part of the list of the basic objectives, developed by French troops before the postponement of Obama’s military action in an effort to congressional approval of the plan.

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