The arrest of a Libyan in possession of about 20 kilograms of gold

Posted on September 6, 2013


Managed security interests, yesterday, the arrest of Libby on charges of smuggling and the promotion of gold in national markets illegally, where possession seized nearly 20 kg of the precious metal was smuggled across the land border illegally,

The mayors suspended to rent him Municipality Shat taken as a rear base for his activities prior to the raid based on information where it was found inside a quantity of gold intended for the promotion, in addition to touring car forged from Peugeot. Revealed our sources that the Libyan detainee linked to parties other local promotes gold smuggler working interests involved to determine the identity of the arrest, the same sources pointed out that it has been expanded investigations in this case after receiving new information in the suspected involvement of Libya in the smuggling of arms to Algeria “pistols” mechanism across the border and sold in markets in the “secret” in a non- Legal to other parties for varying amounts of money.
S / Badis
Saturday, September 7, 2013, corresponding to 2,456,557 1434 Issue Number: 14177

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