Military warn France to open a second front war in Syria after Mali

Posted on September 6, 2013


They said that after the hit will be much more dangerous
متباعدتين in Syria and in the Sahel region of Africa, where French forces are still engaged in operations against “Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb .”

The newspaper quoted Ambassador Lebanese military that priority should be given to the process of ” Serfal ” in Mali, especially as the “Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ” are preparing for a counter-attack in the Sahel region in the south of Libya and that he should not get involved in a second war before the completion of the current operation.

And explain the military, that the war on Syria is not just a “blow” expire soon drop missiles on targets and that any military operation of this kind , even if participation was the French would be limited to monitoring and surveillance require follow-up and monitoring the potential for reaction in the region on the goals French potential.

The military said , that after the war on Syria would be much more serious and should be expected to evolve and expand quickly and wonder about the actual ability to participate in after the departure of Britain.

And imposes some point after the war, to maintain a large crowd of ships, aircraft and rapid intervention forces , to protect French interests and friendly of any counter – attack , a process that can no longer the French fleet in the Mediterranean , to do.

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