Hamas accuses Israel and the Arab countries of trying to provoke chaos in Gaza

Posted on September 6, 2013


Saturday, September 7th 2013
Accused the Hamas government, yesterday, Israel and the Palestinian Authority and unnamed Arab countries of trying to provoke chaos in Gaza. He said Islam Shahwan, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry of the Hamas government, “exposed the Gaza Strip continued to target, where involved in this scheme intelligence services of the Zionist occupation and intelligence Ramallah authority and the Preventive Security and intelligence agencies Arab countries, we will reveal them later.”
“We monitored the Palestinian security forces in Gaza in recent suspicious movements of some individuals (…) I have these persons were arrested and interrogated to record confessions serious about the large scheme aimed at hitting the Gaza Strip and stir up unrest and target figures.”
Hamas has offered video of people said that the detainees saying that he had received instructions from “Israeli intelligence officer and another in the Palestinian Preventive Security Service, a rebel official in Gaza, in order to revolt against the rule of Hamas in Gaza.”
Shahwan said that “what is happening from a serious target of the Gaza Strip and the resistance factions under fake names, are desperate attempts will not succeed in breaking the will and steadfastness of our people.” He warned that his ministry “will stand lookout for all these despicable attempts, and will not allow the object was that threatens the security and safety of our people and their heroic resistance, and the inability of the occupation to achieve rocket not bestowed chaos”. He also said that his ministry will unveil in the coming days for more “big details of the criminal scheme, which was prepared to target the sector.”
The accusations came while recently appeared on the Facebook page calling itself the “rebellion against injustice in Gaza,” named after the Egyptian revolt movement that led to the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi. This page calls that exceed the number of participants fifty thousand citizens in Gaza to go out on Nov. 11 for the insurgency on the Hamas government. – http://www.elkhabar.com/ar/

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