6 Algerians “stationed” to blow up Spain

Posted on September 6, 2013


4 Asmyin, recruits from Burj Manaal and another from Oran to do the job
Suspects have reached Spain in the same way as the World Trade Towers suicide bombers

Sources for “dawn” that charts a serious blow Spain and other European countries have become just around the corner from the implementation, after a hurried Prince battalion stationed called Blaour “to transplant elements in the heart of the target countries in preparation for the work of a suicide bomber shake the world, especially in the next few days, which coincides and events September 11 in New York, “and the oldest terrorist to recruit four Asmyin, two of them bash surgeon and the dome and the last of Oran, and the sixth from the tower Manaal of Boumerdes, to blow up the area after announced through a video broadcast on the Web that will target Spain like Balmrabot Ibn Yasin.

Obtained “Dawn” on the list of Algerian terrorists who are attending to carry out a terrorist act in the heart of Spain during the next few days, and who entered the Spanish soil in the same way that income by suicide bombers twin towers of the World Trade in New York on September 11, where the movement of each Khraڤh, while the oldest Others mobility through the ship, others by plane and if they do not belong to a single cell, in an attempt to gain media echo, which has become a prisoner of the lives of these terrorist networks throughout the world, and that deliberately work in secret until Thin opportunity to hit the security of nations that their target. Belmokhtar had chosen through the new battalion Spain after the failure of his battalion “undersigned blood” in the hit Algeria and the Sahel, with France the arch-enemy of the invited “Blaour of.”

She explained our sources that involved six, they Aasmeon four who descended two of them bash surgeon and the dome, Ahmed Blattaf aged 43 years, Fred Bouazza bale aged 48 years old, Muhammad Qsaba aged 39 years, Tawfik ميزي aged 49 years , as well as Abdullah Houari aged 35 years old and the slope of Oran, as well as Malik Shibley aged 38 years old and the slope of the Tower District Manaal Boumerdes. And income involved Spain to carry out suicide attacks in the heart of Spain, which proceeded together with other European countries on alert devices security to fend off this threat, which has become gazing out and threatens at every moment, especially in the recent period, where keen Spanish police to tighten control of security on the perimeter of the metro, and networks of trains after weighted to repeat the tragic scene who knew him in 2004 in Madrid.

She said the same sources, the battalion “stationed” recruited Algerians six to carry out terrorist operations earth Spanish before they are advertised Kktibh new hint targeting the desert of Algeria and Spain, noting that it and reduce the time has not been arrested concerned recruits recently, and explained that the great danger and the new threat became frightened government Spanish facing add to the risk of an Islamic Maghreb, several difficulties such as economic crises, it is also facing threats of the “ETA”, the Basque terrorist organization which continues to threaten the stability and security of Spain through suicide bombings rocked several Spanish cities.

On the other hand, the minister said French Interior Manuel Valls, the terrorist threat has increased its unity through military intervention, French, Mali, in January last year, by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and will threaten the security of Europe, where it comes statement Manuel Valls basis of security information provided by the intelligence agencies of several European countries, including Spain and France, for example, the intelligence services French information confirms enter a group of al-Qaida terrorists to Europe, in order to implement a terrorist attack on September 11, the next “to mark the attacks of September 11 New York.”

It should also be noted that the Spanish police have announced several times that they managed to dismantle sleeper cells al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, with the arrest of several Moroccans and Algerians. On 22 June Alvart the Spanish police from dismantling al Qaeda cell in Ceuta, composed of 8 terrorists of Moroccan descent, of whom called Rosetta and flames, aged 33 years, who stated that he colluded with al-Qaeda to target Syria, also announced that Spanish troops from the presence of 50 terrorists within this international terrorist network were in the process to go to Syria to carry out suicide attacks.

On 23 April 2013, managed security services Spanish arrest of an Algerian and a Moroccan city of Sragosa, north of Spain, in Murcia south-east Spain, through an investigation by the intelligence services, Spanish, French, and on 28 September 2011 arrest 5 Algerians in each of the Minalron, not Gorita , Pablona and Briozar in Spain, and have been of interest to many, including the delivery of huge sums of money in hard currency for the benefit of al-Qaeda terrorists in the Islamic Maghreb.

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