Jihad threatens and Europe!

Posted on August 30, 2013


28.Avg.2013, Wednesday, 0:41 Evening News
How will the return of the world’s battlefields Wahhabi influence on the security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina? In Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Dagestan … fighting at least 340 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Banja Luka – On the side of radical Islamists in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan fighting at least 340 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina!This information is given in “Information on the security situation in BiH” Joint Commission for Defence and Security of BiH, which is in the possession of “News”.

The document stressed that the national security and intelligence processed 36 cases involving the recruitment of members of the radical Islamic movement in Bosnia for the World battlefield.

Security officers were analyzed for 71 case on trade of weapons and explosives in Bosnia. All security assessments indicate increased terrorist activities of the Wahhabi and Salafi movement in the country, the central question is how to return to the world jihadist battlefield affect the security situation in the country.

Chairperson of the Committee for Defence and Security of BiH Parliament Dusanka Majkić says, the “News” that the security reports say that the return of radical Islamists in Bosnia could destabilize the political and security situation in the country.

– The Commission believes that the law should prohibit the departure of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the battlefields around the world. And the State Department report indicates that strengthens the radical Islamic movement in Bosnia, and that the problem is inefficient and nekoordinisanoj battle of relevant institutions and agencies against the evils of the modern era – showed Majkić.

The information is added to the radical Islamic movement that developed in Bosnia is becoming a serious threat to the security of the whole of Europe.

– The security services must develop more effective plan of measures to combat the threat of Wahhabi terrorism – claims Majkić.

Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina is responsible to the Parliament of BiH provide information about what is being done in the security sector in order to avoid the negative consequences of citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the battlefields abroad and their return to BiH.

And information from the Office for Foreigners’ Affairs indicate a problem with radical Islamists in Bosnia.

Hamza Abu Imad al-Hussein, who at the Immigration Centre BiH awaiting deportation, is, according to the Intelligence and Security Agency, a threat to national security, said the Director of Dragan Mektić.

Mektić said that in the case of Abu Hamza has no violations of human rights and to be treated BH relations in accordance with the law.

And European security services recently warned that the strengthening of radical Islamic movements in Bosnia, on the principles of the Wahhabi and Salafist extremist ideology spawned a new generation of domestic jihadists – “white devils”, which are a serious threat to the security of the country and Europe!

It also states that the roots of the Wahhabis in Bosnia result of the war, when in B & H, about 3,000 foreign Islamic volunteers, lots of weapons and money. It was introduced Salafism in BiH, especially Saudis salafism – Wahhabism.

Failed pact to deport Abu Hamza

In response to paragraph Presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic, and the head of the Islamic Community in BiH Hussein Kavazović to Abu Hamza, if it can not be deported to any country bezbdnu, BH has to allow trial or release him, Mektić says hypothetically possible that Abu Hamza is released from the immigration center, but only if both pass a new estimate.

He states that the deportation of Abu Hamza was almost agreed, but, due to the developments in Syria and the threats to its security, Service for Foreigners is now seeking a third country where he could be transferred.

A former member of the “El Mujahid” Syrian Imad al-Husin (50), better known as Abu Hamza, was detained in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2008. year, because BiH, based on evaluation both as a threat to national security.

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