political status of Puerto Rico

Posted on August 29, 2013


Suggests Acevedo Vila put pressure on Washington to advance real status assembly discussion
San Juan, Aug 25 (INS). – The former Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila today suggested “put pressure” to Washington to really advance the discussion of the political status of Puerto Rico, as well as proposed legislation is approved for assembly viable status a mechanism for dialogue and exchange of information with Congress.By establishing that communication with Congress, he said, will present and discuss important issues about the various alternatives of status.

“We need to better understand what is in the minds of the leaders of Congress and the Obama administration officials who have an inescapable responsibility to address this issue seriously,” said the former president on extensive analysis received by the agency Inter News Service ( INS).

For Acevedo Vila, dialogue with the U.S. partner must be “free in two directions, that encourages interest and participation of the Congress, not necessarily limited to the time constraints of the public hearings or press interviews that often not allow to deepen and clarify answers. ”

“We must make education a great job serious, honest and thorough in Congress if both parties really going to solve this issue properly. Our biggest obstacle in Washington is not bad faith, is the lack of interest, time and depth with which it addresses this issue, “he said.

The exgobernante was convinced that the assembly of status “will be better than the plebiscites we’ve had so far, both for dialogue during the process and to demand a response from the Congress before which is the mandate of the people”. This is because in plebiscites have been parties or governments that have defined the status of alternatives, as much in one or two paragraphs, disassociating all discussion almost always legal, economic and social.

“With the assembly that will change status because delegates are elected by the people and representing the people, have to discuss in depth all alternatives, analyze their positive and negative, as well as its viability to the United States,” he added.

Acevedo Vila recalled that after deliberation, the assembly will present an alternative for Puerto Ricans, freely, approve or reject.

“If the people at the polls accepts the alternative assembly to present the status, then it is required to go with the mandate to Congress and the Government of the United States to demand a response to demand action,” summed up political.

He considered that “this is a profound difference with what we have done in the past, because instead of being a government-elected for other things-or one party in particular to defend the results and try to get a response from the United States with the assembly, the answer seek a democratically elected body to represent all. ” Using this different dynamic, Acevedo Vila predicted that “it will be very difficult for the Congress to act.”

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