Israeli radio: ‘Tel Aviv’ published missile defenses in the face of Syria

Posted on August 28, 2013


osted: 28/08/2013 3:25 PM – Updated 8/28/2013 3:25 PM

Broadcasting the Israeli army on Wednesday that Israel is published every missile defenses as a precaution against any possible retaliatory attack from Damascus if the West carried out threats and blows to the face Syria.

Radio did not provide any details on the number of batteries or their interceptors citing security necessities, including regulations published by the Israeli Air Force Hodeidah dome of the short-range missiles and medium-range Patriot missiles and Arrow 2 missile longitudinal range.

In the face of a possible imminent attacks waged by the United States and other Western countries for alleged use of chemical weapons against the Syrian opposition fighters to Damascus hinted that it may open fire on old rival Israel, and Israel is also vulnerable to rocket attacks from Hezbollah ally Syria.

Said Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister on Tuesday that his country wants to remain far from the Syrian crisis, but would respond strongly to any attempt to launch an attack on them.

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