Damascus has provided evidence of the guilt of UN opposition

Posted on August 28, 2013


28.08.2013 17:22
Damascus granted UN inspectors all the evidence of the use of chemical weapons the opposition. This was stated by deputy head of the Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad at a press conference in Damascus. UN inspectors have completed the second raid on the place of use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of the Syrian capital.

During the check out to the scene , UN experts have collected samples needed for the investigation, reported ” Interfax “referring to the words of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon .

Moreover, the Foreign Ministry has accused the Syrian Arab Republic to the United States, Britain and France that they helped terrorists to use chemical weapons on Syrian territory in vnutrisiriyskom conflict.

In this case, Faisal Miqdad warned that chemical weapons will soon be used by the same terrorist groups against European countries.

Earlier, the Syrian rebels have accused the authorities in the use of chemical weapons against them.

These charges could be the reason for the United States, Britain and France to use military force against Syria .

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