Cyprus base hit at any moment

Posted on August 28, 2013


Wednesday 28 August 2013 – 02:00 –

Regulation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria in response to the expected route of the military operation is taking shape. Southern Cyprus is claimed to be the center of the intervention. Greek pilots, the British base Ağrotur’a C-130 military transport aircraft and military jets that landed. USA, Greece and wanted to open the airspace.

U.S. Secretary of State to ask John Kerry to say after the chemical attack on the Syrian account the possible operation was claimed to be the center of Cyprus. The Guardian, 160 kilometers from Syria, wrote to the British base Ağrotur’da increased mobility. Two pilots, C-130 military transport planes and fighter jets told us they saw. Pilots of aircraft in Europe, he said. Residents also said that there is more activity than usual. Newspaper, “Order is given, central air campaign in Cyprus is probably going to be,” he wrote.


Daily Telegraph, the British nuclear submarine warships in the area of ​​administration will be opened, and the Mediterranean Sea to the possible use in the operation base in southern Cyprus wrote. Greek Defense Minister Fotis Fotiu’ysa, “We’re now watching developments” description contented. The Greek Cypriot administration, is said to be ready in Syria and Lebanon evacuation plans. On the other hand, the United States Athens daily Kathimerini wrote wants permission to use air and sea space. According to the report in Washington, Crete and the Peloponnese Kalamata Sudas wanted to use bases. Kathimerini, Greece is determined even wrote corridors for aircraft carriers will pass. Athens, “even if the actual contribution obligations in NATO,” the report said. French President François Hollande said, “we are ready to punish those who decide to use gas against civilians,” he said.

‘Obama is planning OPERATIONS LIMITED’

Post’sa Washington, U.S. President Barack Obama’s ‘limited’ written plans of operation. Accordingly, Russia and China veto UN resolution because of the operation will not take long to do without, or long-range missile fired from the sea to the bombs. A source “examine the legal size”, but then said it would be limited to the purpose of penalizing Assad. White House spokesman Jay Carney said yesterday at a press conference in the “use of chemical weapons a violation of international norms. Will not go unpunished, “he said. The list of the U.S. and Britain, where Assad’s government says the key points. Allegedly, chemical plants get stuck because of the possibility of causing death.

‘Cyprus ready PLAN IN 2011’

Stratfor correspondence published by WikiLeaks, the Pentagon attacked in Cyprus in 2011, the preparation of information, contained in these terms: “The main agenda of Cyprus as a base. English and French flies there. Despite Turkey’s problems, there’s no reason for the lack of a home base in Cyprus. “


Syria yesterday Force Base Akrotiri in the UK since 1960, having had the alarm. Holidays interrupting the national security team meeting British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the army to attack an ’emergency’ gave the order to prepare the plan, as well as the parliament and called an extraordinary meeting of Syria.

‘Start tomorrow, a three-day’

A senior American officials, the operation ‘start tomorrow and will continue for three days, he said. Officials told NBC News, “will begin on Thursday at the earliest possible intervention. The aim is not to use chemical weapons, the limited operation of the Syrian government to organize one more, “he said.


U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel yesterday, the BBC, and President Barack Obama all the options that they are ready
announced that the event that flood all orders at any time. Syrian muhaliflerse, Western countries ‘to hit’ list of targets, they have a meeting in Istanbul, announced earlier in the day.

ARAB UNION DE ‘OK,’ he said

On the other hand, the Arab League in Syria yesterday, beating last year’s membership ‘Coalition gave support to the volunteers. Meeting held in Cairo, Damascus, was responsible for the management of chemical attack, Bashar al-Assad.


Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Syria chemical use is a crime against humanity “It can not gratuitous,” he said. Davutoglu announced an inquiry on the motion to parliament if necessary. Davutoglu about the possibility of intervention, “Turkey’s priority, the UN Security Council to develop a common attitude in the face of crimes against humanity,” he said. Minister of Foreign Affairs reminded discussions of motion, “We take all necessary measures against security risks, but need to have a strong parliament refer to the motion,” he said. On 4 October, the Syrian parliament’s time is running out. On the other hand, Obama announced a surprise to go to Saudi Arabia. During the visit, the developments in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Egypt will be discussed.

BULLET bounced Ceylanpinar

Intervention in Syria, the international community, discussing the conflict continues. Yesterday, the Syrian branch of the PKK in the town of Sanliurfa Resulayn the neighboring town of Ceylanpınar PYD’yle clashes between al Qaeda-linked al Nusra Front ricocheting bullet injures a person. Solomon Doğantekin, Şanlıurfa of the State
Was sent to the hospital. Doğantekin getting the surgery in good condition, the night before the forces of al-Assad in Aleppo, the claim could not be verified using phosphorus bombs. Syrians who burned body was brought to Turkey, the Syrian border after doctors claim that chemical control phosphorus bombs, was not observed.


Foreign Policy magazine, in a report based on the plan to attack the American administration has taken over. Christopher Harmer’ın senior strategist at Old Navy on June 31, penned and distributed to the members of Congress report, ‘the least possible damage to the U.S. to receive surgery müdahale’yle advice. Harmer, the first intervention proposes 72 more missiles. The report also points to oil storage, aircraft maintenance areas, spare parts depots and control towers is expected bombing. Harmer, Tomahawk, JSOW air-to-surface missiles, and recommend the use of missiles. According to the report, for the first responders have three warships and 24 combat aircraft. The first was brought to defuse centers, aircraft, air bases, the second shift is expected given the opportunity to repair and Syrian forces. In the report, Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are advised to use airspace.

‘Defend the ENTIRE WORLD AIR surprise’

Damascus, chemical reject the claims of “we’ve got all the tools we protect ourselves against possible attack” was release. Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, “Syria is not an easy case. Defense systems will surprise everyone, “he said. Teachers, the American counterpart to the charge of John Kerry in the nature of the chemical at a press conference, “the Syrians want to demoralize the Americans are going to fail. El Nusra’ya benefit both Israel and attack, “he said. Muallem also accused Kerry of lying. “Chemical accusation is not true. Show evidence. We live at a time when the current laws of the jungle, “said Muallem said that the United States had violated international law by not expecting the report of the UN inspectors.

‘Tel Aviv’s strike you’

On the other hand, a Syrian official told Fars news agency, “attacked Damascus, Tel Aviv becomes a target,” he said. In contrast, Israel, Syria announced that it will respond to the next attack stronger.


Russia, Syria’s closest ally, “confirmed the operation of the West, had business schedule” came description. Russian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Aleksey Puşkov, USA 4 Cruise ship, submarine Tomahawk missiles would take Britain’s Trafalgar type. Russia, Syria, on the other hand takes 20 tons of humanitarian aid ship, in turn evacuated 89 people. Moscow yesterday, the intervention ‘will create regional disaster’ warning made. Iran, too, “the attack is serious regional implications. Syria and the region but not limited to fire, throwing “was release.

Assad is rich leaving

The Guardian newspaper in Damascus, wrote that the rich leave the city for fear of attack. According to newspaper reports from the Lebanese border gate Masna the last 48 hours have been among the elite in Lebanon passed a number of leading businessmen. Bashar al-Assad’s cousin Rami Mahluf corruption of these people working for well-known businessman, too. This person is “Where do I bombalasınlar bombalarlarsa. There’s nothing that is already in the country, “he said. Aburrahman for her uncle, a soldier named senior Suriyeliyse “This week was the only thing I think that American planes where to hide,” he said.


Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, the 45th President of AP heads of the country’s parliament, that the letter sent to Syria and Egypt. In the letter, the “World’s Egypt and Syria in the face of developments on the basis of democracy, the protection of the rights and freedoms to determine a common position aimed at an urgent priority. Parlamentolarımız has a historic responsibility “the statement said.

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