Crisis between Obama and the Pentagon ‘about the plan to invade Egypt

Posted on August 28, 2013


Monday 26/08/2013 at 12:10 am
Mustafa Bakri
Foreign Affairs and National Security in favor of the plan .. The Ministry of Defense confirmed: the disastrous results!
Israel’s security and the delivery of oil and Suez Canal risks facing the West if the invasion
Pentagon confirms: The plan will not pass Congress .. And Israel in horror
Raised the statements made by U.S. President Barack Obama to Channel ‘. That.’ American about Egypt recently many reactions, and multiple questions about the fact that the U.S. position on current events on the Egyptian arena.
Obama has identified the U.S. position as follows:
To cut off U.S. aid to Egypt will not force the Egyptian transitional government to change its position, which means that it needs to be harsher action and violence.
That the continuation of the situation in Egypt, according to what is being incompatible with the American system of values ​​which is meant here the cause of democracy and human rights.
That the Egyptian army missed an opportunity to find a solution to the crisis in Egypt that the military is responsible and not the Muslim Brotherhood on the developments in the situation and the prevailing violence in the country now.
I came Obama’s remarks contrary to the reality, and inconsistent with the prevailing realities known, the goal is to ignite the situation, especially after the success of the Egyptian government to contain the situation and the reduction of sit-ins and demonstrations and acts of violence planned by the Muslim Brotherhood based on the support of U.S. and Western Without Borders ..
Diplomatic reports up to Cairo during the past few days saying that there are secret meetings held in Cyprus and Germany to confirm that the scheme began to take serious steps in the presence of representatives of the intelligence agencies in both the United States, France, Britain, Israel, Germany, Turkey and Qatar.
The plan revolves around a number of the most important points:
Internal escalation of the situation through demonstrations and sit-ins and acts of violence lead to more deaths so that the situation remains tense and inflamed, so as to enable the international implementation of the scheme which is sponsored by these countries and bear its consequences.
The gain time in Egypt in the light of the continuation of this situation would keep the political and economic decision-Masri in a state of paralysis.
Seek to pre-empt the Egyptian moves on the Arab and international levels, thereby helping the siege of the Egyptian diplomatic role and makes it unable to influence the positions of countries that reject the latest developments in Egypt.
That the decision taken by the administration confrontation Egyptian settling Rabaa El Adaweya Aatsami renaissance recently had an unexpected surprise of the participating countries, especially that all previous reports confirmed that the Egyptian administration would not dare to resolving Alaatsamin in the light of the attitudes and international pressures that were practiced against Egypt.
The bet west on the attitudes of Egyptian Copts had bet a loser, especially that their position conflict with the positions of the United States and many other countries their support for the Transitional Administration and their refusal to respond to events in the country, which led to the burning of dozens of churches and monasteries, where the Western countries are betting on the position Copts request for protection, but that despite the communications that took place with them, they refused to forcefully respond to the actions taken against them, and opposed any form of external interference, as they have started in the induction of the United States and Western churches to support the transitional administration in Egypt.
The asylum Brotherhood and its allies in the escalation of violence and the use of terrorism means against society and its institutions different had the greatest impact in the decline charts International, stagger their accounts, as seemed behaviors Brotherhood on the Egyptian arena like a similar behavior tribal barbarism in the attack, without the expense of poor planning which led to thwart the opportunities available under the government was reluctant to take the decision at this time.
A review of Western and American position is now need to be based on the re-unification and coordination of positions under the supervision of a uniform.
This was the third meeting of the series of meetings that have been held in the British base in Cyprus, Germany, following the success of the Egyptian revolution .. Where the meetings were held in 2, 8 August in Cyprus on August 16 in Germany.
That it recalled asking the question about the fact confusion that prevails in decision-making circles in the United States, and whether Washington had already bent on the implementation of this scheme in the light of the strong opposition of many of these departments, notably:
U.S. State Department’s position:
With the beginning of the revolution was the U.S. State ossification in their statements to move the popular Egyptian, and reduce the talk about the ‘coup’ and in an attempt to absorb what is happening in Egypt, but after the failure of all the envoys Americans and Westerners to Egypt became the position of the U.S. State clear and declared and consistent with the position extremist National Security Advisor U.S. and began ‘John Kerry’ Foreign Minister and in coordination with the National Security Advisor, ‘Susan Rice’ to ask President Obama to begin to declare sanctions against Egypt starting to cut aid, assistance and access to military intervention, a position that played the Turks and Qataris an important role in public and secret order to convince the U.S. administration that what happened in Egypt was a ‘military coup’!!
2 position of the ‘CNN. Any. Er ‘
As for the position of CIA and the ‘C’. Any. Er ‘came in line with the position of the U.S. State Department and National Security with regard to halt aid and assistance and military activities in common with Egypt, but he expressed caution of U.S. military intervention against Egypt in any way, and not to consider the position of Egypt alone, but for the countries in the region are all the world as well, Ali considered that if there is any military intervention in Egypt, all the papers overlap and the nature of alliances will change will be the American interests at risk, and must prepare global front and wide covering such interference if happened and it seems so far, it is not possible in Egypt, and that if Washington have succeeded in forming the largest global alliance against Iraq enabled the invasion and direct military intervention, but that Washington would not find it covered stand with them or in any aggression on Egypt of any kind or form.
Third: The position of the Ministry of Defence
In front of this complex map, took refuge in the American President ‘Obama’ to ‘Pentagon’ to discuss the possibility of a decision progressive and escalating sanctions on Egypt and thinking later form of direct military intervention.
He came request of President Obama after the failed American administration in dissuading the leadership of the army for refusing to respond to her, especially after he realized the Obama administration to influence and control over the Egyptian decision are vanishing since the success of the revolution June 30 and it can not impose its hegemony on the Egyptian decision, especially that the interim head of state and head of government and the Minister of Defense refuse all U.S. dictates policy, and say: that the interests of Egypt and its people are the foundation.
The U.S. administration began considering suspicion to the hostile attitude of the army and its leader General Lieutenant-Sisi toward U.S. policy, allegedly refused U.S. intervention in Egyptian affairs.
I have stated the position of the ‘Pentagon’ on President Obama’s demand as follows:
All the goals and interests of America in the Middle East and the Arab region will be exposed to a real risk if Washington feet on the decision of military intervention against Egypt.
And select the ‘Pentagon’ these risks in terms of importance and ranking as follows:
First, the security of Israel:
A report by the ‘Pentagon’ that Israel’s security would be compromised and real aggression from all fronts surrounding starting from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza and possibly Jordan in the future, and groups ‘jihad’ wherever they are, and will be covered and support a comprehensive Arab, and the Gulf States Home can not to deal with Egypt, also dealt with Iraq and Syria.
The Iran will take advantage of this opportunity and working to ignite the region, according to its interests.
The report pointed out that Russia, China Stagafan, without hesitation and with full force along with Egypt and the Arab alliances, and there will be a split in the European situation, and the United States will lose some of its key European allies.
Here, it will be effort made by the United States in decoding the isolation of Israel and imposing presence in the region through peace agreements declared and secret with many Arab countries at risk, and will intensify the conflict in the region against Israel, and will return Israel back to its isolation in the region and will be seen as an occupying and hostile and rogue , as that would make Syria and Iraq and the Gulf, Lebanon and possibly Iran and other stands united behind Egypt.
Second, blocking access to secure sources of energy and oil:
We report confirmed ‘Pentagon’ to secure access to all sources of oil and energy will be within the equation of risk because all carriers transport will be caught in the crossfire and various destinations which would hamper the arrival of energy and oil to Western countries and the United States safely.
In addition, the report argues that there is a stance expected from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, will take place at the initiative of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, governor of Saudi Arabia will be similar to the position of King Faisal in the October 1973 war, but this time in a more comprehensive and larger, so the announcement to stop the export of oil and will be so for a longer period for that period under which happened Arab oil embargo in 1973, and that the victim this time will be the largest European countries, and that Iran will also participate in the ban which makes Europe a hostage to the Russian oil and gas.
Third: the risk of safe navigation in the Suez Canal:
The report of the ‘Pentagon’ to be safe navigation in the Suez Canal is unlikely under these circumstances are serious and the consequences that would result from any military aggression where there is no guarantee for the security of navigation and vessels transiting the Canal important was the crowd of military forces because terrorist acts can not face up crowds, On the contrary, the increase will enable the military build-up of terror groups and success of the strikes where U.S. forces will be more likely to be targeted by a suicide terrorist operations.
The report said ‘You must remember history well, when we paid with large numbers of Marines to Lebanon in the last century, and how it has become such forces targets for strong terrorist and the extent of the losses suffered by these forces, which called on the U.S. administration to withdraw them as soon as possible, this was the title of a clear defeat United States’.
The report pointed out that America will not be the only player in the region, therefore, Russia, China and Iran will not remain silent in the event of U.S. control of the Suez Canal, and would become the United States from countries seeking to stabilize the region to an occupied country will suffer about it a long time, this is in addition to that The American people can not be accepted or allowed to turn his country into invading force for the benefit and protection of others, especially that President Obama came to the White House under the slogan of ‘withdrawal of the last U.S. troops working outside the United States and get away as possible from direct intervention in the problems of the world via contest U.S. proxy wars.
Fourth: The fears of the loss of the Arab market as a market importer of American weapon:
The report issued by the ‘Pentagon’ to the importance of preserving the Arab markets and the markets of the Middle East’s largest importer of arms deals American and military aggression on Egypt would threaten these markets, and will be the military industry and U.S. exports in the wind, especially Russia and China have become Mahlten and fully for such These deals two ينافسان the American arms seriously, and perhaps even France joins them too.
The biggest concern that monitoring report ‘Pentagon’ is obsessed with China, so that Chinese industry has become invade most of the Arab markets and there is a global vogue in terms of its ability to compete with U.S. and European goods in terms of quality and price.
The report said ‘It’s been observed in recent years that most of the’ Accessories ‘Arab armies clothing and equipment is simple being imported from China through local traders who imported, and this position is supported and backed by Russia because Russia consider positively to the economic role Chinese complementary to the role of the military and political, especially in’ Pacific ‘While the Arab states, many of which Gulf states started to think in the process of diversifying the sources of arms, because it believes that Israel get the weapons the U.S. outstanding, effective and monopolized, while you get these countries on the weapon backward about it, and even if they get a weapon sophisticated they receive it after Israel’s approval humiliating conditions and at the cost of higher prices.
The ‘Pentagon’ in response to Obama’s demand that there will be more than ten million Egyptians under arms and terrorist groups and Islamic organizations will participate in the hit U.S. presence and striking Israel, even if the Brotherhood cheered this intervention.
The report confirmed that there will be no U.S. arms embargo on Egypt, it is often all the Gulf countries will open their warehouses of U.S. arms to supply the Egyptian army without permission of the United States of America.
The report said that the position of the Gulf states toward Egypt will stand firm and steadfast and will not change whatever the pressures that ستمارسها the United States, because these countries are Egypt’s strong is the safety valve her first, in addition to that will emerge Syria from its isolation and will stand by Egypt, and there are signs on the coordination Egyptian Syrian army Egyptian stand against any aggression on Syria is against the fall of Assad by force, and Syria offset in the same position, and all this will restore the relationship with Iran after the approval of the Gulf States, and will to Iran in the light of this regional role after he succeeded in calming the fears of Gulf especially that Turkey although Ola voice currently in incitement against Egypt, but they will not dare to actively participate in any aggression on Egypt, and will not allow the use of its territory and airspace to it, and you will pay a heavy price, both at the domestic level through popular uprisings or from external aggression by induction of Kurds in Syria Iraq and Iran against Turkey.
The report emphasized that any form of U.S. intervention in Egypt will change the map of the region again, and a situation of instability will prevail for many years, but in the end you will wake up to the region and the world, on a map of new alliances are America and Israel, the biggest losers where after that achieved stability.
It was recommended ‘Pentagon’ at the end of his report not to intervene directly in the Egyptian crisis, even if sanctions or blockade, because that is not feasible, and constitutes a provocation to Egypt and the Gulf states, especially that the weapon the U.S. intended to prevent him from Egypt is no longer a monopoly, registered Egypt refueling of its Gulf States Arab, and I’ve got Saudi Arabia with the consent of the Gulf Arab states, including the UAE and Kuwait to finance deals new weapons to Egypt from any source, and Saudi Arabia is able alone to compensate Egypt for annual aid the U.S. that offer them, which is guaranteed by Saudi statement the last such coup in schemes West and the American administration against Egypt.
The report pointed out that the abolition of exercise Bright Star with Egypt recently did not have any negative impact on Egypt, because the primary beneficiary is the U.S. military and not the Egyptian army, and therefore Egypt does not feel any loss of recall by the abolition of these maneuvers, but the loss will be on the American side as they attempt aims to aggravate the tension US-Egyptian relations.
The report pointed out that the greater of the United States requires the survival of the current situation for what it is, either return to the democratic path through the roadmap as agreed upon by the European countries axial and either enter the Egyptian administration in the new Egyptian army war of attrition with long terrorist organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis so exhausted Egypt all sources of power, by contrast, is drained all terrorist forces in the region and this would be a great service to America and Israel and their allies, where the state would become major Egypt to the failed state as a result of this attrition.
And support the ‘Pentagon’ report on the details of his consultations with the Israeli government, where he الجنزال ‘Dmsa’ president of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff to visit Israel more than once in the last period, delegations, as many Israeli military visited the United States for consultations in this regard.
And numerous contacts took place between the U.S. Secretary of Defense ‘Hegel’ with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, ‘and that the position of the’ Pentagon ‘This came in coordination and harmony complete with Israel’s position for easy passage in the U.S. Congress if asked because the interest and security of Israel are decisive criterion I have the U.S. Congress .
The report of the ‘Pentagon’ is also a reference to the position of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, said that in addition to the position of the UAE hardline upset the situation upside down in the region as a whole, and will be Iran and Russia are the primary beneficiary of that and will fall forever equation strong centrist or moderate allied with the U.S. United.
The report recommended that President Obama that warns clash with the leaders of the Egyptian army with the new political leadership in Egypt because that would have serious repercussions on the interests of America and Israel in the region.
The report called for the need to treat the U.S. administration with a fait accompli in Egypt and focus on reconciliation and proceed with the road map, because it would give a good message to the rest of the peoples of the region.
The report emphasized that the U.S. information received from inside and outside Egypt refers to the control of the new administration on the situation in the country, and to the decline in organizational performance and protest of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, reinforcing the view that the need to change the image of the United States have the Egyptian people and the peoples of the region from a hostile to a friendly country respects the choice of the Egyptian people.

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