To intervene in Syria … Obama does not need to the U.S. Congress

Posted on August 27, 2013


As happened in Libya in 2011, owns U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision-making authority directing air strikes against Syria, but he shared with Congress, which has not yet been done.
The spokesman said the President of the House of Representatives, John باينر, Brendan Buck yesterday (Monday) for «AFP» that «the President is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, but the first phase for him and his team is to consult Congress. This is not yet obtained. In 1973, after the Vietnam War, and despite the opposition of President Richard Nixon, the U.S. Congress voted to «War Powers Resolution is to force the president to seek congressional approval for the deployment.And the President if an operation or deployment of U.S. soldiers in the event «hostile act or hostile action is imminent, theoretically to get the permission of the Congress in the event of military operations continued for more than 60 days. But all presidents since Nixon saw this item contrary to the Constitution and ignored the request for authorization from Congress and contented themselves to inform him about it. In March / March 2011 Barack Obama ordered air strikes against the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, based on the decision of the UN Security Council. According to the U.S. administration did not fall process in the framework of ‘hostilities’ stipulated by the law of 1973. Republican Sen. force in the Foreign Affairs Committee, Bob Corker Monday to channel «LMS NBC»: «do not need permission, but I hope to request permission. The «they should start but I hope that as soon as our (leave) Congress will vote on authorization. He added that «imminent and response We have deployed our military means.In the event of a controversy over air strikes Obama will benefit from the survival of the Congress in the summer break until the ninth of September / September.
Bahraini newspaper Al Wasat – No. 4007 – Tuesday, August 27, 2013, September 20, 1434 e

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