Neurological poisonings in hospitals in Damascus paint a grim shadow on the fate of Syria

Posted on August 27, 2013


Damascus – Al-Hayat
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

After Berber المقتلة in Algottin Aldmishqitin, broadcast activists and videos posted on YouTube mail appeared to show children being Offered First Aid by putting oxygen masks on their faces, as they appeared hardly breathe. The tapes offered other children unconscious them without traces of blood on their bodies, while the work of the medics and doctors on spraying water on them and Massage faces and chests, after disarming their clothes. And then, Gwen and commented Winfield, a writer in the magazine CBRE that any World »specialized in chemical weapons on these tapes, saying:« videos, possible to say that there is a chemical attack. There is now a need to take blood samples from the ground and then subjected to laboratory tests in order to ascertain the nature of the weapon used in the attack, according to the agency quoted by the ‘Agence France Presse’.

Winfield added: «On these tapes, do not see doctors and nurses are dying as a result they approached the wounded, perhaps suggesting that the material used is not the gas« Sarin Sarin Gas military. Maybe it came with less toxic gas. Perhaps the high death toll resulted from the use of the type of rate of the gas sarin.

Otherwise samples …

In a related development, explained Paula Vanninn, director of «Institute Fannih verification of chemical weapons» in Finland, they are not fully convinced that the attacks in Algottin Ahametin the nerve gas of the type «Sarin», because the tapes for victims of the attacks have shown that people who help patients they were not wearing protective clothing and masks, which means they are supposed to be infected with the same beams suffered by the injured.

In contrast, Fannin pointed out there are some symptoms that Chi using nerve gas, such as muscle spasms, and the emergence of white foam at the mouths of the dead and injured.

Fannin concluded must say that takes the existing United Nations team in Syria samples from the place where people were injured, as well as from Paul injured, arguing that these samples represent the only means to verify the use of a prohibited weapon in attacks on Algottin.

In the context of this heated debate, the organization announced Doctors Without Borders »Medecins Sans Frontiers as documented symptoms of poisoning in patients with neurological received by three hospitals in the province of Damascus, has the support of this global organization. She explained that these cases reached the hospital on the morning of Wednesday 21 August 2013, pointing out that the injuries amounted to 3,600 patients in less than three hours, stressing that the symptoms of poisoning appeared on the nervous patients جمعيهم, with 355 deaths among them.

Since the year 2012, it established «MSF strong cooperation network and reliable with groups of doctors, hospitals and medical centers in the province of Damascus. The organization also worked to provide them with medicines and medical equipment, and technical and scientific support. Due to security risks, you can not crews «MSF access to these health facilities.

Dr Bart Jansenz, a director of operations «MSF» that the medical staff working in those facilities provided detailed information about the influx of large numbers of patients to health facilities in Damascus, indicating that they were suffering from symptoms included muscle spasms, and the secretion of copious saliva, shrinking In حدقات eyes, and blurred vision, shortness of breath, and others.

The organization also showed that these patients were treated by the drug «Atropine Atropine, which is used in the treatment of neurological symptoms of poisoning, noting that« MSF provided that medical facilities in earlier times. The organization is now trying to re-fill the empty warehouses for these facilities at this property, along with other medical supplies and provide guidance and advice commensurate with the scientific facts emerging in Syria.

Disturbing ambiguity

In the same context, The Jansenz stressed that «MSF» You can not scientifically confirm the cause of these symptoms or to determine who was responsible for the attacks which have caused. But he also noted «that the symptoms that appeared on the patients, in addition to track patients for events that characterized the influx of large numbers of patients in a short period, and the place he came from patients, and transmission to the medical staff and paramedics first two, are the facts indicate to the exposure of a mass element called affect the nerves. It would confirm the order to document the occurrence of breach of international humanitarian law, which strictly prohibited the use of chemical and biological weapons.

In addition to the 1600 bomb «atropine» «MSF sent in recent months, the organization sent 7,000 new packaging of the drug to health facilities in the affected area. As has become the treatment of patients with neurological poisoning part of the strategies of the organization in medical programs launched in Syria.

In this regard, said Christopher Sturik, director general of MSF »she hopes that allows for independent investigators have immediate access to the affected areas so that they can shed light on what actually happened.

He added: «The last attack and the enormous medical needs that followed, to exacerbate the humanitarian situation was catastrophic origin, and are characterized by severe violence, with displacement of populations and the deliberate destruction of health facilities. Significant in the development of the violation of humanitarian law in the war, humanitarian aid can not respond effectively to the needs of people, but they become without meaning, according to words Sturik.

And offers «MSF medical assistance in Syria in two different ways. There is a foreign crew working in cooperation and national teams in 6 hospitals and four health centers, all operating under the full supervision for «MSF in northern Syria. In areas where the organization can not send its own teams, because of insecurity or block access to, and the organization has sought a program launched two years ago, relies on the support of hospitals, medical systems and health centers Syria. The program focuses on the latter supply drugs and medical equipment, with training and technical support. Thanks to this program, she was able «MSF continue to support the 27 hospitals and 56 health centers in different parts of Syria.

Between June 2012 and the end of June 2013, the medical teams of «MSF» over 55 thousand medical advice, and completed the 2800 surgery, and helped generate a thousand baby inside Syria. In addition, the medical teams of the organization of more than 140 thousand medical consultations for Syrian refugees in neighboring countries for their country.

About Chemical Weapons

Re a death Algottin in Damascus, the specter of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. These weapons are classified in 3 types: nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Chemical Weapons is the first kind of weapons of mass destruction produced in the Arab region, as he is the author of Saddam Hussein’s regime in the mid-seventies of the last century. It is believed that the first step in this production was the establishment of Ibn al-Haytham Foundation for Research and Studies, who worked on the toxic gases. There are reports spotted the presence of 15 Iraqi center devoted to the production of toxic gases intended for military use. The list includes chemical weapons material «hydrogen cyanide» Hydrogen Cyanide and chlorine gas, in addition to Ghazan not يتركان the impact on their use, are «Sarin Sarin and Tappin» Tabun which is known as the ‘nerve gas’. It also fits into a gas «X-er» VXA and «Toxk me» Toxic B, and are highly dangerous.

Added to this list, affecting gases in the blood, such as «acid Hyderossianak», and other Canyon such as «phosphine», and a third tear gas and others.

Do not escape to the environment

And Ttalpt of these gases in the environment for varying periods. It lasts ‘nerve gas’ between 12 hours and a few days. And affect certain gases in the color of plants and crops, and caused the death of many animals. Saddam’s regime has been able to create an integrated chemical industry, during the era of the eighties of the last century. He succeeded in producing customized warheads to carry chemical munitions, as well as reach the missile to be installed on the land – the land and long-range artillery shells, missiles and aircraft. Prior to his fall during the American invasion of Iraq, Western sources estimated that the chemical arsenal that included 30 tons of toxic substances.

In a related development, the failure of chemical weapons complex effects in the environment, some of which continue a long-term. For example, a British scientific team reached in mid-1993, after analyzing the soil areas that were bombed b «mustard» Mustard Gas in the Kurdish city of Halabja chemical weapons bombed by a quarter of a century ago, to determine the quality of the weapon that was used in the bombing.

And is characterized by toxic gases used for military purposes as environmentally remain effective for a long time, unlike the toxic compounds allocated to control insects, fungi, bacteria, and others. There are 1,500 species of poisonous gases used in agriculture, and owns the majority of complex organic fast decomposition, as quickly dwindling strength with the passage of time.
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