Morocco acquire weapons worth 12 billion dollars from America

Posted on August 27, 2013


The Moroccan government to conclude the biggest arms deal with Washington, valued at $ 12 billion, accounting for 5.97 percent of trades held by the United States of America for the company, “Ray Walton” specialized in the manufacture of military equipment.

The deal arms new Moroccan, a confirmation of the recent report published by the Institute of the Stockholm Peace Research and Security, which revealed that Morocco campaigning arms unprecedented doubled by 1460 times, making it the most the most militarized in the region at all, compared to Algeria which has doubled efforts armed with 277 times a justification arms linked to the security implications of the recent taking place in Mali and of terrorist Tigntoren assault, as well as Algeria’s leading role in the fight against terrorism in the region, quite unlike Morocco with which they are efforts تسلحه the Western Sahara and other reasons other than those carried out by Algeria. According to media sources that the arms deal Moroccan authorities held by the store with Washington, aimed at strengthening the Moroccan security and the fight against the illegal trade in the Mediterranean sea. According to media sources, the arms deal concluded with the company, “Ray Walton” of America, will strengthen the Moroccan power control operations in maritime navigation, and prepare for naval exercises to be held in the Mediterranean sea next year. The sources said that the arms deal also fall in the context of military cooperation between the United States and Morocco. Has been signed on a deal arms two weeks ago, during the working visit by the Secretary of State in the U.S. in charge of maritime affairs, Rice Mabus, has jumped Morocco to rank 12 in the arms, after they had been in the order 69, however, Algeria remains in sixth place after it was in Center 22.

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