Made in Saudi Arabia and chemical found in Damascus

Posted on August 27, 2013


Syrian media (يفبرك a) images of shells
Made in Saudi Arabia and chemical found in Damascus
In a desperate attempt to escape from chemical attack in East Gouta, after he showed signs of international action against the Syrian regime, the Syrian media sparked a wave of ridicule and criticism in social networking sites, after his photographs of what he says is the chemical weapons shells manufactured in Saudi Arabia.

Syrian media and display chemical shells were found in Damascus made in Saudi Arabia and ready to use, which is in the eyes of analysts desperate attempt and naive to escape the the last of the chemical attack that killed 1,400 Syrian until the present time.

Received resistance factions in Syria and factions of the army free on this counterfeiting Media naive, and described Baghaba, in what she said some army battalions free on electronic communication that noose approached the Syrian regime, which is now trying desperately Show tricks and things fakes; to see the world that the Syrian opposition is used chemical weapons.

The lives of the Syrian regime is a state of terror and fear after criticism sudden his ally, Iranian strategic and main supporter of him; due to the use of chemical weapons in Syria; as Iranian president said that it is painful that people die with weapons chemotherapy in Syria, which was considered by Western media recognition that Assad use chemical weapons.

Analysts said that Iran has begun to abandon Assad, especially after directing the U.S. battleships and destroyers warship approached the Syrian coast, in the Declaration of preliminary (repositioning) special to prepare for military strikes strong against Bashar al-Assad, which was denied by Iran, stressing continued support shortly before , according to Reuters, and expressed strong opposition to any military action against the Syrian regime.

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