Israelis are lining up to buy gas masks for fear of the Syrian response to a military strike

Posted on August 27, 2013


August 27 2013 4:00:58 AM November 20 1434
Thousands of Israelis line up in queues to buy masks for the prevention of toxic gases as they order by telephone due to fears that any military response by the West on the alleged attack with chemical weapons in Syria signed last week may implicate their country in the war.

Western powers are looking for military action to punish the Syrian government for the alleged attack, which killed hundreds near Damascus last week.

As speculation mounted that the Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has launched cruise missiles to Syria are concerned many in Israel that President Bashar al-Assad – who is facing an uprising has been going on for two years and a half against his rule – might take revenge attack supposed to strike Israel.

And contributed to the escalation of this concern media reports that Israeli threats quoted Syrian officials to respond to any attack by Western powers to strike Israel.

Said Victor Bracha, 72, one of those who stood in line to buy gas masks in the port temporarily for distribution inside a shopping mall in Jerusalem, “we live in an area crazy, everything there that someone Mavohna would press the button and you can not know what will happen probably caught fire in everything. ”

Maya said Abishai, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Postal Service, which oversees the distribution of gas masks to civilians on behalf of the military command of the home front that masks the number of people seeking increased during the past two days, four times more than in the case in normal circumstances.

“The doubling of the number of people seeking purchases in public centers compared to the normal rate severe pressure” and she said that some people are talking about increasing the number of outlets distributing gas masks to cope with increased demand.

Israel distanced itself from indulging in the internal conflicts taking place in neighboring Arab countries during the past two years, while some Israelis are skeptical that Assad will be directed towards the defender of Israel.
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