Are destroy Syria Levant … Prevent the return of the caliphate?!

Posted on August 27, 2013


Hamad Doctor – Palestine
This question is on the tongues of many people these days, especially from the advocacy campaign: (How will the land of the Levant, and the people of Syria strength and machine, able to embrace an Islamic state, have the ability to continuity and challenge and steadfastness, after all what happened to the destruction and devastation; military and economic, and drain of human energy, and the displacement of a large section of the people)?!

And even stand on the fact that this important topic, and answer this crucial question, at this critical juncture of the history of the nation in general, and particularly advocacy campaign will process this matter from several angles:
1 – Why does the West and its allies to destroy Syria Sham?

2 – What are the elements of Syria Sham – military and economic – as capable of continuity and resilience; under the current phase, and after the end of the tyrant regime?!

3 – What is the role of Syria Sham – after loyal controlled by – in the construction of an Islamic state, and whether there is a possibility to control the other categories do not want an Islamic state?

4 – What are the elements of any spot on earth; to be the nucleus for the construction of an Islamic state, and whether it applies to the land of Sham?

5 – How has the first Islamic state in the era of Prophet, peace be upon him, and how to apply those provisions to the reality of Muslims in the land of Sham?

6 – the divine promise and Bushra Mostafa peace and blessings be upon him, in charity land of Sham and the people of Syria, and the creation of this country to achieve this divine promise!! ..
We begin the first corner in this important topic, namely: Why does the West and its allies to destroy Syria Sham?!
Valenazer to what is happening in the land of the Levant, and the way the West in dealing with the capabilities of Syria, and its military power, and to the conspiracies and evil and compelled the people of Syria, the Levant, believes that the West, especially America, thinks and works seriously avert the threat of a large, threatening entity and its influence and presence in the future in the land of Sham , and certainly aware that this danger quotient inevitably sooner or later ..
Has issued several statements; them on the lips of a tyrant Levant, and on the tongues of politicians in the region surrounding Syria, and on the lips of politicians Westerners adults; warns West and the world from the control of radical Islamists, or (fundamentalists) – as they state – the land of the Levant, and that the world must resolve this crisis in an expeditious manner; in the same manner and method of what happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, to avoid this great danger, in the event of the fall of the (Bashar tyrant), and control – nominated by the West – fundamentalists on the capabilities of the state in the Levant …
From these statements, for example: what a tyrant Sham said – 18/04/2013 on the occasion of (Galaa Day), and reiterated on several other occasions; when he said: «On the external level, the message most resonate with the West, and of the danger that is represented by (al-Qaeda), pointing out that terrorize rebound later to Europe and the United States have stated this in a lengthy interview with The Times of London 03/03/2013; «where he warned of the earthquake shaking the entire Middle East region, in the event of the fall of Syria in the hands of terrorist groups – as he claimed – and warned the West – and especially Britain – to work on military intervention to undermine the regime in Syria.
The newspaper Pedaaut Aharonot) Jewish dated 03/10/2012 AD on the lips of Chief of Staff of the Jewish army (Benny Gantz); when he said: In the future we will not face military threats from Syria and the Golan Heights only, but we will also face the terrorist threat growing there ».
A security official said a large Jewish Times of London newspaper dated 18.05.2013 where he said: «Israel prefers Najat al-Assad rebels, he said senior Israeli intelligence officials, said that Israel prefers to keep Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to survive, and succeed in the war Eligibility in Syria »The officials said:« we would prefer to see Assad succeed and end the war takeover of extremist Islamic groups, where Israel will be in the face or the face of some formations extremist », according to the newspaper said London was quoted by the newspaper (Yediot Ahronot Judaism).
The newspaper (Globe and Mail Canadian) on 12/01/2013 AD an article under the title: (terrorist threat in Syria) paper says: «You have reached the civil war in Syria to the point is the duty of the international community, specifically the global forces responsible, to intervene, process, with extreme caution, of course, to support opposition groups, non-Salafi and is not bound to the base, and the great danger in the medium term is the disintegration of Syria and fall into the hands of fundamentalist militias, similar to the situation in Somalia and Lebanon ….).
As for the former American Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) has stated in a press conference (in Brussels) dated 05/12/2012: «The whole international community is concerned that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is getting desperate may resort to the use of chemical weapons, or that loses control, so as to reach the hands of fundamentalist groups (armed) active in Syria, so there is a unified position that the use of chemical weapons is a red line ..) and had been reported in 10/30/2012; any before arranging the Doha conference to expand the Syrian opposition : «The Syrian National Council is facing failure significant in attracting inside Syria, and therefore must expand the opposition and the involvement of leaders from the inside» then added: «there is a marked increase to the influence of Islamic groups and jihadi developments qualitative witnessed by Syria in recent weeks», and quoted by the media 15/11/2012 said: «It is waiting for the Syrian opposition to resist stronger attempts by extremists to divert the Syrian revolution, the information about the extremists go to Syria, and are working on rerouting – what was called so far – a legitimate revolution against an oppressive regime in their favor, Of particular concern to the United States, and requires a major overhaul of the Syrian opposition … ».
The truth is, if the auditor in the meanings of these statements, realize that the meaning of which is not merely control Brigades military heuristic, as happened and is happening in other parts of the Muslim world, but it is controlled by people with the civilized, they want to find him in the land of the Levant as a fulcrum, extends then to several neighboring regions are eligible to join and to catch up with him in the future!!.
And the West – as we know – understand what is the meaning of a civilized state based on Islamic thought, in a sensitive area in such a site surrounded by the peoples of the whole Islamic loves the return of Islam, and his or her own Mounira return to their country – as happened in the Middle Ages – just like it … He warned Western leaders several times in more than one occasion the risk of an Islamic state, in any part of the Muslim countries; where news magazine (Newsweek), on the eighth of November 2004, citing the Foreign Minister of America’s former (Henry Kissinger – a shrewd policy U.S. – saying: «The main enemy is the slide active in fundamentalist Islam, which you want at once the heart of the moderate Islamic societies, and all the other communities that it considers an obstacle to the establishment of the caliphate, and said) Bush Jr.) 10/09/2005:« when control of a single state – meaning Islamic groups – will attract the Muslim masses what they can from the overthrow of all the regimes in the region and the establishment of an empire Islamic fundamentalism from Spain and even Indonesia », said Defense Minister America’s former (Donald Rumsfeld), at a farewell, and expires as secretary of defense: «They want to overthrow and destabilize moderate Islamic regimes and the establishment of a caliphate state.
If Western politicians have suffered what suffered, from the face of people carrying Islamic thought (in the form of groups do not have a state), and face his policies and his or her own in a Muslim country, and stand up for his plans and his work …, so how will this suffering when based these people in a spot of land , resorting to the power of the people, and jumping to the States subsidiaries and loyal to him; such as Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq to join them and become their state a strong state based on the same?!

So the west of the door ward off danger for himself, and the door taking all causes material available, and so can not the owners of this thought, this new force (of access to the focal point of this), and not even be able to follow the publication of this danger – as seen by Western politicians – and this new challenge, it works to weaken this risk تطويقه even before he, and the destruction of military and economic capabilities that leads to the future … Any destruction of the state which will put these new thinkers feet.
It is seen as the work of the West and its allies; – especially America, in the land of Sham – believes that it has, and is still carrying out several acts of political, military and economic, in order to fight the Islamic state in the land of the Levant, and – if they have – they can confront, and control and combat, Among these evil acts – which has still carried out by the United States and the countries of disbelief – against Syria and its people and destinies:
1 – Try to tear Syria into multiple entities, such as the Kurdish entity, and the entity in the upper area of ​​the coast, and the entity of the Sunnis, and to prevent the existence of links or contiguity between these entities … Has already begun to initiate the implementation of this is to encourage the Kurdish entity in Hasakah province, and to prepare for the implementation of the rest of the stages of the establishment of an entity loft in the Sahel region …
The launch and Turkish Foreign Minister (Ahmet Davutoglu), at a press meeting with the «freedom» Turkish 02/05/2013, an unprecedented attack on the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, accusing him of pressing a button on the plan «B» Judge cleared the coast of the Sunni sect, and secure the «safe passage for Nasirien (Alawites) between the heart of the city of Homs, Lebanon», adding that «massacres last committed by Assad in the city of Banias against the Sunnis, an indication of a serious and a new phase in the Syrian crisis, in order to establish a separate entity on a sectarian basis, any state نصيرية» , he said, pointing out that the indicators now show a clear indication that Assad moved to implement the plan (b) This is mentioned in Moscow, John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State in May 2013 at a news conference with Lavrov, where he said: «The alternative solution the crisis is political disintegration of Syria,. In Beirut, the Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt at the beginning of May 2013, in his weekly through the newspaper (Socialist Party): «Syrian regime indulges in his plan is clear for the destruction of cities and rural areas to displace the majority of the Syrian inside and outside Syria, as a prelude to direct – as may be true, and described him as a – purge ethnic and sectarian lines, began in the Syrian coast and cities beyond any doubt. And a short battle only to cleanse Homs and change the demographic composition; prelude to turn the capital of the state expected after the division of Syria.
He has published site Arab News 30 – December 2013, a map of all (Studies Center) based in the city (Bonn), the German-based, geographical map of what he called «the Kurdistan region of Syria» in the region, which is a Kurdish majority of the population of cities in northern Syria, and begin limits of the Kurdish region , according to the map prepared by the Center «Yasa» Kurdish Studies and legal advice, from the village of «Ein Dewar» of the city «Derek» in Hasakah province in the far north-eastern Syria, stretching along the Turkish border to reach the far northwest when the banner of Iskenderun. ”
2 – Work on the destruction of equipment by the Syrian army (Israel), and the elimination of the elite sincere in this army by the Syrian regime through assassinations criminal and prison … And other conspiratorial ways on this army, has (Israel) in several acts to destroy the capacity of the army and the destruction of equipment, was most recently done by the destruction in Mount Qasion …
3 – the destruction of the Syrian economy; through the tyrant and زبانيته; by multiplying pillars of this economy along the Syrian territory; such as the destruction of power plants and the threat of strike dams, as happened in the month of February 2013 – after the control of the rebels on the Euphrates Dam in tenderness and power stations it, when you hit aircraft tyrant power plant in it, and destroyed some of its parts, and also what the gangs regime and Hezbollah, the destruction and burning farms; was also in the areas of Daraa, short and Damascus and other over the three years of war criminal, and the destruction of factories and commercial markets in major cities; and was also when destroyed the commercial market Aleppo dated 10/10/2012, and doing زبانية the system of central banks and looted cash and in-kind savings of state … This work has resulted in systematic programmed to lower the value of the Syrian pound to significant levels recorded in March 2013 (125) Syrian pounds per dollar and higher prices, and the state’s inability to pay the salaries of most employees in the public sector and the military …
In addition to this act of vandalism systematic and programmed, America is several well beyond the proclamation of an Islamic state as a fulcrum in this region, and programs of this, which is to them; induction of countries in the region surrounding Syria, and the formation of military alliances with them to address this crisis, such as the alliance now exists The joint exercises on Jordanian territory along the Syrian border, and NATO on the Iraqi border, as well as longer has several joint military with Turkey through NATO, where erected Patriot missiles on the Syrian-Turkish border, and also what the Jewish entity of settings and maneuvers continuous and shared with America in the area of ​​the Golan Heights, the latest dated 12/12/2012 …
The West restless permission, nor Triqo it was appointed, and puts criminal schemes to destroy Syria and its people; due to their attitude toward Islam and the establishment of the state of Islam in the land of Sham … This is what the first corner in this topic.

The second angle; which elements of Syria, the Levant, political, military and economic, to the establishment of an Islamic caliphate state on Theraha under the current phase of the systematic sabotage and destruction inside Syria.
Prior to recall elements of Syria’s current, under this current phase critical, you should realize an important fact, and must obituary well, to be within our business and our culture in the face of stages, this fact is that the establishment of the State of Islam on any spot on earth, there will be a bed of roses and herbs, will not come on the table Ahmadi paved, furnished to the advocacy campaign, but it is hard work, and is surrounded by dangers enormous bones, before the concentration, and during concentration, and after him, and this is indeed what is happening in the land of Sham, but this does not prevent the State nor continuity and survival; Because the most important elements is the nation or the people who embrace this idea, and his willingness to sacrifice for it, with all his possessions, just as for having sacrificed by this stage …

Today the most important ingredient in Syria, the Levant; are:
1 – Category sincere on the land of the Levant, and willingness to sacrifice and redemption all possess, in order Nasr religion of God, and the support of a campaign Islam seeking to establish the state of Islam; has appeared this in marches and chants in all Syrian cities, as well as appeared in the signing of the Charter of the work to establish Islamic state after the fall of the tyrant. This is expanding, thanks to God alone, and that the coveted extends to claim his Liberation Party leader.
2 – The second thing in the land of Sham is the absence of this region and thankfully of military occupation; as is the case in the land of Palestine, for example, means that the security people of Syria is still, however, his family – regardless of the category of authoritarian, and mocking some of his family to protect them , but this category when it falls, all the Syrian army will return to the original incubator a nation and its people, will not stand in the face of his nation and his people …
3 – The third thing is that the Levant is a country bounties in all its forms; agricultural and oil and energy sources in the rivers, and the enormous human potential in all scientific disciplines, and that the qualifications of the continuity of the state, and their survival and ability to do so ..
4 – it’s the fourth is the existence of this state in the vicinity of an Islamic except for the Jewish state, and this will extend this state arteries of life, Jabra from governments around the state, and will actively surrounding peoples in support of the Muslim brothers in Syria, and if exercised governments policy of repression and restrictions on peoples , this command will generate a blast when these peoples in neighboring inside the country; due fervor of religious feelings …
These elements all are (in the circle of the continuity of this state and its steadfastness) when doing his permission Almighty …

This lead us to a corner:
The third corner in this topic is: What are the elements of any spot even suitable for the establishment of an Islamic state?!
The truth is, that there is a minimum of things, must be available in any part of the earth, so that the working group on the change to establish an Islamic state, and these things make up the elements of the establishment of the Islamic state and its continuity, and the possibility of survival ..

These ingredients can be summarized as follows:
1 – geographical spot of earth, inhabited by Muslims make up the majority of the population, ie be the predominance of command them in this geographical spot ..
2 – that are not subject to foreign military occupation, and if so, edit conditions shall be met by the establishment of the Islamic state, they will be subject to the will of the occupying power in all its affairs …
3 – to be when these Muslims in this part of public opinion stems from a general awareness on the idea of ​​an Islamic state, and the need to be found in the ground, and awareness of the working class sincere, and be aware of the tricks of the infidels against Islam and against the loyal sons of the nation …
4 – to be in this spot potential geographic continuity, and dispensing of others in the event of an economic blockade, or something like that of war colors on this spot … The continuity of this potential lies in economic and military aspects, as well as in the convictions of faith individuals need to address and challenge any attempt to demolish them; (ie, the power of faith and moral convictions) ..
5 – that depends entirely undiminished to the same protection, and safety is never any enemy state, however her, because safety is one of the necessities of continuity and survival ..
If you find a spot in this specification, it can group operating in this spot to announce the establishment of an Islamic state, and begin the process overall coup in the application of Islam in this country, based on the capabilities and potential of this geographical spot ..
If misfire any term or condition of these items, the process of continuity and survival of this country be threatened at any moment; she had lost an important pillar of the pillars of the establishment of the state and its continuity ..
We get to the fourth corner of the outlook for Syria Syria after the fall of the tyrant, who will succeed this tyrant on the land of Sham?
Before I answer the question of who will succeed the tyrant on the land of Sham, mention is important is: Can this tyrant is supported and يؤازره, standing next to him to remain in control of Syria Sham?!, And the truth, it is impossible to remain governor or military power usurped for a spot of Earth, rejects her family accept it, and Ikablonh military revolutions, and this has been proven historically realistic in all States that have arisen in the face of its ruler, or her rapist … This has stated the leaders of major countries, including the Russian leaders. In an interview with CNN television, dated 01/27/2013, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the sidelines of the Davos Economic Forum (Switzerland), said: ‘The chances of survival of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power diminishing day by day, and he made a serious mistake , it may be a judge because it is long overdue in the application of political reforms », Medvedev said:« It was him (Assad) to move more quickly, and to invite the peaceful opposition that was ready to sit down at the negotiating table with him, it’s a fatal mistake by him, may be the judge .. . Responding to a question from journalists at the conference whether Assad can survive?!, Medvedev replied: «I do not know … It seems to me that his chances of staying in power diminishing day by day .. »
The country is Arab – for example – which colonized at the beginning of the last century and أواسطه – in the era of colonialism, the first after the destruction of the state of Islam year 1924 – expelled colonial powers, including forcing an abomination, after the revolution of the people in her face, and after large numbers of casualties incurred by the colonial powers ; like France in Algeria and Italy in Libya, and Britain in Iraq …
And rulers in some Arab countries have been forced to step down, because of the revolution the people in those countries, and their determination to remove these rulers of the land, as happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, regardless of the fact that this step down has yielded fruit are true or not …
as well as the future in Syria Sham .. Will be the fate of this country freedom from dependency this tyrant and injustice and arrogance, no matter how you try to Western countries, especially America’s support and install it, and extend the life of its own, it will inevitably be forced in the end to escape, or undergo ordered to step down Btarifh or another, otherwise it will fall سقوطا resounding; just as falling pillars of his rule these days one after the other, and as he fell his predecessor Gaddafi before!! The question presented here: Do you stand up in Syria Sham at end fall of the tyrant only, and replaced بطاغية another, as happened in other countries?! that which distinguishes Sham is that public opinion when the Mujahideen based on the projection tyrant has become a landslide in favor of Islam, and the application of the rule of Islam, despite all the operations of misinformation and distortion and deception, and attempts to build customer politicians and military personnel inside Syria, and even clients who have their daughter America, and its customers regional, from neighboring countries Kalaútlav Syrian, not could anti-Islamic project openly, but they tried to publish Dilalathm and that roll-call state Civil based on freedom of choice in the land of the Levant, and mislead people that it does not violate Islam .. Therefore, we say that the process of the fall of the tyrant in the land of Sham is is a foregone conclusion inevitably sooner or later, and it can not fill the void in the land of Sham, but the owners of Islamic thought, right, who did and supported and drew this revolution blessed, and stood with it in all its stages .. The future is in the land of Sham is only for owners of the Islamic project right, and this is understood by the infidels completely, has crossed him in more than one occasion and more than one method, including those issued by the official in Abanntaon that America has drawn up plans ready for every eventuality in Syria. As well as what Obama said military intervention under the pretext of probability and use of chemical weapons .. Chemical weapons have been used by the system did not intervene, it is intended that threat?, He meant the Mujahideen in the event of their control over Syria!! …. This is warned of the tyrant Bashar, the king of Jordan, the Iraqi president on more than one occasion, the above-mentioned some of them .. . Someone may say: What is different Sham for other places in the Muslim world, who got the misinformation and deflection, and what is the guarantor of this revolution so as not to skew as a character from preceded revolutions?! To answer this question, we say: a big difference, and a very large between Sham revolution, and the rest of revolutions; in fact and in terms of the course of events, and the method revolution in. .. Vbaga revolutions have stood at the end of formal change, without access to the root system and the elements of corruption; in the military, and the main civil institutions in the state .. IFC military remained influential in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, although the play of form that took place in Egypt; change some of the leaders like Tantawi and come Balsesa, and what happened in Yemen, as well as change Ali Abdullah Saleh to his successor (Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi) as stated in the initiative Gulf in 3/4/2011. As for what is happening in Syria is the process of uprooting all the elements of the system and its roots; politicians and military, America is trying desperately to keep the structure of the system so as not to lose Syria without irreversible .. This is what put forward by the Arab League and the rulers of the West in the simulation solution where Yemeni official said more than in the Arab League, the UN envoy Brahimi, and Russia. The newspaper reported (Middle East) dated 05/30/2012, quoting the (New York Times): «The U.S. President Barack Obama sent a national security aides for consultation with Russian President Vladimir Putin in how disqualification Assad, leaked and that the idea is based on what so-called ‘Yemeni solution’, a solution that eliminates the exclusion Assad from power, and maintains the state institutions, and sparing the region the emergence of terrorist groups, has generated amid the chaos and political vacuum … Have you tried the GCC countries, and succeeded in the exclusion of the Yemeni president, and together the people of Yemen civil war ». This is – ie maintaining the structure of the army and the state, depends on the success of America and its allies politically and militarily encircle the Revolution sincere in the land of Sham, but all indications are that it unsuccessful in all of its work inside and outside Syria, despite the tremendous work that has and is still doing. Before we get to the corner last, a divine promise of the land of Sham, we want to نعرج on the Prophet’s biography to see how the Islamic state first, despite its presence in a sea of disbelief, and how long, and how it has stood the will of the Almighty with the loyal sons of this country, despite attempts desperate by the people of Mecca and the Arab tribes to Oadha, despite the cunning of the Jews, and cunning states infidel major knight and rum to remove them from existence. Messenger peace be upon him has reached category sincere turned it into a spot of earth, is a Medina, where they were found the elements of the state to build a base and starting, a a spot of land in the Arabian Peninsula, is convinced the owners to call new, and were more people of any public opinion of Islam, and prepared to support it and to get around, and this was the spot while small and weak potential able to protect the Prophet peace be upon him, and capable of continuity on their own. Indeed the Prophet it prayer and peace to immigrate to this spot good, after طمأنينته as ستسانده and تؤازره stands at his side; Narrated Ibn Kathir in his that the Prophet peace be upon him had taken allegiance to victory and servo and protection: (Male son Isaac in his all Asim bin Amr said: When he met folk for the allegiance of the Prophet peace be upon him, said Abbas Ibn نضلة Ansari: (O Khazraj Do you know Allam Tbaaon this guy? They said: Yes, he said: You Tbaaonh the war red and black of people, you can see you if exhausted the money calamity and أشرافكم killed Oslmtamoh , it is now, he is God, that you did shame of this world and the hereafter, and if you see that you and Avon him including Dautamoh him, on Nhech money and killed supervision فخذوه He is God’s good in this world and the hereafter, said: I take it a calamity funds and killed supervision. what we do, O Messenger of God If we and us?, said: paradise, they said: the simplest hand فبسط hand فبايعوه.) and actually believed these people in بيعتهم this, and supported the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him on the black and red of the people, was the first experiences in the Battle of Badr, followed by a, Then came the siege of the city in the ditch, bringing the threat of the state faces, but they are immobilized and the patient, and continued, despite the hatred of hypocrites and conspiracy Jews to this country, and then continued to the Prophet peace be upon him in the starting outside the city limits, until he became a superpower challenging the Persians and Romans through seven or eight years of doing!. Indeed, if these provisions, and this way, this line in the BIOS of the Prophet peace be upon him is the provisions of legitimacy, a guide to the mujahideen today in the land of the Levant, and everywhere meant the establishment of an Islamic state in it. might think some of the advocacy campaign that the State require them to have in their possession on the major countries; of nuclear weapons and Star Wars and other so that they can stand on their feet, whether it be in the land of Sham or elsewhere. fact that this is a factor of frustration at the other, either out of ignorance Or are informed and knowledgeable., and this or that condition is not available for any revolution or movement in the world want or wanted to change. Had a requirement for managed any movement for change in the ground to reach the goal … فالثورات Bank in France and Britain had begun faith in the idea, and a willingness to sacrifice and walk, then triumphed over the church and founded the nucleus of the new states, and was able to crystallization of new ideas going on them, and then became the nations super After that, the communist movement in Russia, too, went the same way on the Caesars .. Thus, going most of the movements for radical change in the ground .. . فأرض Sham today where the ingredients legitimacy that can be based upon the movement sincere, and can withstand the countries of the earth as a whole, and not just in front of Jund Bashar tyrant and Party of Iran and Iran’s clients America .. because the men have sold themselves to God, and became they have public opinion in favor of the idea succession and the application of Islam, and they have become the design on victory or martyrdom, though, which bodes well as well – following the example of what happened in the city – is public opinion when the people of Syria to stand next to the revolution, and to move forward with some pride and greatness and upgrading!!

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