The Pope recalled the “terrifying images of the last days’

Posted on August 26, 2013


26th 8 2013 | Mojca M. Štefanič

During yesterday’s midday Angelus on St.. Peter’s in the Vatican, the Pope mentioned Francis ‘terrifying images of the past days’ coming from Syria and show the victims of the alleged poisoning by toxic gas battle. “I urge the international community to be more reasonable response to this tragic situation and to do everything in its power to Syrian beloved nation from the war found a solution to meeting the destruction and death,” the Holy Father said tens of thousands of pilgrims audience .

Once again, he wanted to raise his voice, said Francis, “that quieted the noise of weapons.” “Do not struggle, but the ability to meet and dialogue is the one that gives hope to solve the problems,” said the Holy Father. At the same time all the victims of the Syrian conflict, especially children, to ensure its solidarity and closeness to molitvi.Vatikan has published a video of the alleged victim of poisoning by toxic gas battle against making hasty accusations and said the Syrian government request for an independent investigation into the complaints raised by the opponents of the Syrian regime.

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